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Is it possible to edit the nfo file to custom sort movie sets. I don't want certain sets to be in alphabetical order. If there is a tag similar to <sorttitle> but for sets it would be appreciated.
Good question for which i don't have an answer.
All I can think of is you could use <tag> to get that effect.

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Anything more than that? I tried just <tag>, it did not work.
Sets can be sorted of course, but the op wants a custom sort for sets, of which there is none. There is work-rounds, some more complex than others. either modifying the .nfo so that certain sets are not seen as sets under a specific name then make a set with the correct sort name and re-add those videos to that set. Alternatively you could use the add-on Super Favourites and make your own favourite sets in the order of which you want. One step further would be a new add-on called Collection TV which among others things allows you to browse for sources (play-lists, videos etc). and place them within.
Sounds like more trouble than it's worth.
All done with a mouse from the interface. Choose sets, locate the offender, with it in focus get the 'C'ontext menu up, manage sets and rename or remove/add. Enjoy the alternatives too.... most are easy.
Is this with the Collection TV add on or just the regular kodi?

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