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Aeon Madnox for Krypton / Jarvis - (no longer in development)
Welcome to Aeon Madnox [RC2] a Joint release by Schimi2k, meowmoo and myself.


I believe the krypton build, hosted by Mikesilvo on GITHUB, to be stable and available for use. Should you have issues with it in Krypton then please post as much info as possible when reporting the issue, screenshots etc. It seems stable for me during all the work / testing to get it ready but I'll try and do my best to resolves issues when I can.

Please note as well that as Krypton is out now I will probably not be doing any more work on the Jarvis version of the skin.

Latest Change Log

CHANGELOG 30/05/16 - (Revision 0.9.1 RC2)

Re-write of KodiFlix view to separate view options for Movies & TVshows
- Nearly all options should be content specific now.

New view layouts in KodiFlix
- New DVD Shelf for Movies / Sets
- New Boxsets for Movies / Sets / TVshows

New Letter scrollbar option
- New option in Skin Settings >> General
- Activate new letter scrollbar in most views, either horizontal or vertical depending on view

- Many thanks to Marcel Veldt for the action in Skin Helper addon

New Music Panel view - thanks Meowmoo

New / updated graphics - Thanks Schimi2k.

Several other fixes & updates.

RC2 features:

watch gallery

*** Important info on GITHUB ***

Changes to GITHUB:

Master branch for Jarvis - Link Github

Select branch 'Isengard' if still on Isengard.
Alternatively I created a separate GIT for Isengard as well due to not fully understanding branches. That can be found here - Isengard GIT

Krypton development branch can be found here - This is WIP and hopefully will be ready for V17 release.


Please note, this is an uncompressed version with all folders and with the modifications we have done it is over 700mb+ in size. It is mainly designed now for Jarvis, but there are versions for Isengard which we think should still work mostly on Helix as well.

Current Status:

The skin is now considered ready for release and as such this is version 0.9.1 Release Candidate 2. There is still a lot to do before final release but hopefully we'll get there one day.

Please install addon skin.helper.service to get to best from Case backs and MusicFlix.This addon will become a major part of Madnox in the future

Previous versions:

Skin Shortcuts included
Mr. V's widgets included
Various other bugs corrected and improvements made.

Here it is, welcome to the newest latest version of Madnox, without the very gracious and selfess acts of Bobcratchett, Mr. V, Mikesilvo, Bsoriano and the Madnox team working together then this would not have been possible. So from Schimi, Meowmoo and I, we thank all those involved very very much for everything you have done for this to be achieved and will be eternally grateful for your work on this. We have done a lot of work to fully integrate Skin Shortcuts and Mr. V Widgets into this Skin

Please note, as this version of Madnox introduces Skin Shortcuts and Mr. V widgets you may find that you will have to rebuild you home menu and submenus again using the new skin shortcuts management options. Schimi has provided tips in following posts to help you with this. The inclusion of Mr. V's widgets means a complete change in what widgets were available and what widgets are now as they are all supplied by various add-ons in Kodi or by Mr. V. Schimi will be adding / updating our tutorials soon to give more help / tips on all the new features in Madnox.

These changes are for the better and allow Madnox a chance of sticking around a bit longer, so please stick with them and you'll find they both greatly improve Madnox and how you use it. We know change is difficult but we believe this change is without doubt for the better for Madnox.

Also, at this time Madnox is Jarvis only, it will not work 100% with Krypton as that version requires even more work which is yet to be fully started. So please note if you use it with Krypton you will probably have problems.

We will attempt to help ASAP with whatever issues / questions you may have with the new version but please be patient with us if you do have either while we look into them.

Again, I can't stress enough our gratitude for the amount of time given up by our guest team members and the work they have achieved. I look forward to working with them again on anything, they just need to us know and we'll do what we can for them.

CHANGELOG 16/12/15 (Revision 0.0.9)
Fixed Jarvis Freeze Bug ( Thx to BobCratchett, MikeSilvo and the Comunity for helping )
Change some Code to make Madnox Jarvis Compatible ( Big Thx to MikeSilvo )
Add new default Icons and Fallback Images ( more Modern and Color neutral )
Updated Skin Help Page for Addons needed
Add Music Viz V2
Shelf 3D - Movies Disc update
Several other small bug fixes / improvements

CHANGELOG 16/09/15 (Revision 0.0.8)
Add SDTV option ( incl.Cases and Discs )
Add Cinemavision Button on Movie info screen
Add trailer search to Extras Screen
fix Season Poster views on Rightlist and Episode View ( incl. new fallback icon )
Suggested R3N3 PVR changes (15.09) - Thanks R3N3
fixed: Fanart is shown when no nfo is available, but the fanart is inside the movie folder
Several other small bug fixes / improvements

CHANGELOG 26/08/15 (Revision 0.0.7)

Fake DVD Case back for List View (*** Requires add-on Skin.helper.service ***)
MusicFlix view for Albums (*** Requires add-on Skin.helper.service ***) (Thank to UsefulG for initial view)
Use Metadata Add-on for Actors - Swtich in Skin Settings General, once activated and in skin info screen
the old search selection window should display to allow you to search database etc. Extra Info will action
extended info, the same as when switch is deactivated.
Also fixed youtube search in this window - Needs Skin.helper.service
Improvements to the GamesFlix view for Advance Launcher.
Small Fanart option for KodiFlix view, will reduce Fanart from fullscreen to partial.
Several other small bug fixes / improvements.

CHANGELOG 22/08/15 (Revision 0.0.6)


New View Shelf 3D - Our take on the shelf view and still WIP
New 'Extras' Option in KodiFlix View - WIP
3 New views for Advanced Launcher - Thanks UsefulG
Alternative Music Viz layout
New Nowplaying bar on Home screen

Updates & Bug fixes

Suggested R3N3 PVR changes included - Thank R3N3
Tripanel updates
French rating flags
'Open Case' button issue
List view - Studio Logo correction
Varios Music Viz updates & Fixes
German ratings updates
LowList view updates
Mixed widgets correction
Volume Overlay update
Infowall Zoom & Animation fixes
RightList Music updates
Infowall updates
hebrew language fix
List view update
code cleanup
Various small bugs & issues

CHANGELOG 27/07/15 (Revision 0.0.5):

KodiFlix - New Clearart & DiscArt views.
KodiFlix updates - tidied up settings, new menu. Added Dim control, Center Focus and Lower Info options.
RightList for Music update - thanks meowmoo.
tvshow problem in Episodes, List, Tri-Panel & RightList views corrected when one seaon and no season01-poster (I hope).
Build Fake Banner differently.
RCB Browser update - Thanks tocinilla & Slipass.
View updates:

Fanart list

Language Flag corrections.
Additional bugs & fixes.

CHANGELOG 23/07/15 (Revision 0.0.4):

KodiFlix updates - swtiches Hide Info, Center List, Dim List.
Rightlist available for music - all levels.
Sets update.
infowall update.
InfoPanel update.
Lowlist updatee.
Panel updatee.
Tri-panel update.
Additional bugs & fixes.

CHANGELOG 17/07/15 (Revision 0.0.3):

FakeDisc Art (Posters only) added to info screen, FakeDiscArt must be selected.
Disable Intro switch added to Skin Settings.
Use Extended Info switch added to Skin Settings.
IMDB Icon switch added to Kodiflix View.
MPAA & Music backgrounds graphics update.
Additional bugs & fixes.

]CHANGELOG 10/07/15:

Major upgrade of KodiFlix view.
viewtypesettings - Kodiflix thumbnail info on episodes now available
skinsettings - removed moreinfo dependancies against backend switch
LowList view - Cases for Tvshows - Tvshows & Seasons levels, Fakediscs for Seasons - both controlled via settings.
New version of some graphic files, smaller in size.
Relocated 'Extended Info' from extras menu to button in main Info view for Movies & TV shows.
Font issue resolved on Native Extended info view.
Reload button on context menu - to reload the skin should backgrounds disappear and hopefully correct the issue.
Updated Skin specific extended info views.
Corrected default media flags back to grey version where possible.
Small bugs & fixes.

CHANGE LOG 04/07/15:

Auto Music Viz switch added, can be found in Music Vis settings
Studio Logo correction on shift view.
Floating poster issue fixed.

KodiFlix View uprgade - Cases on Movie Posters
KodiFlix View uprgade - Posters on TV shows (tvshows and seasons only) switch controlled
KodiFlix View uprgade - Switch to remove thumbnail info on TV Landscape view
KodiFlix View uprgade - language flags, swtich to turn off or on, should appear right of audio media flag in bottom center.
KodiFlix View uprgade - thumbnail / landscape switch for seasons (you really need season landscapes for this to work!!!)


The idea behind this started out as me simply attempting to learn how to skin and apply my own mods to Shednox, but after a while the amount of mods I'd made meant it was proving difficult to maintain and also offer my mods to Shdenox as work had stopped on Shednox and it was not possible to consider having my mods pulled into Shednox.

So, due to this I made the stupid decision of creating my own mod of Nox, Shednox, whichever is the basis, and as such Madnox was born. Since then schimi2k and I have done extensive work both on the code and graphic sides in the hope of improving the mod.

Also, it was noticed that the latest incarnations of Nox, have been designed to be cleaner, less CPU intensive in their operation. Please note this is not wrong these skins are excellent in their own right and done by some seriously skilled skinners so there work / direction should not be questioned.

But, saying that I felt there was room for the other end of the spectrum i.e. a version of Nox (Shdenox) that offered all the eye candy i.e. posters, disc, logos, clear art etc. etc. but the downfall from this is that this mod will probably require hardware at the high end of the CPU spectrum. I don't know if it would work on devices like Pi's etc. at the lower end of the CPU spectrum.

Required scripts:

I don't know the full list but whatever Shdenox required will still be applicable, I'm in the process of attempting to try and remove metadata.actors and moreinfo dependanices.

Recommended scripts:

script.skin.info.service (manual install)
script.extendedinfo (available in the Kodi addon repository)
netflix style nextup notification (manual install)
script.duration (manual intstall)

Beta repo for Skin Helper: https://github.com/marcelveldt/repositor...-1.0.1.zip

Views added:

Wall Large
Fanart List
Banner Info
Sets (movie sets only)

Madnox - Enhancements & FAQ :

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

watch gallery


Fakedisc Art for movies - All views that have discs, and some views that have had disc art added, should now have fakedisc that should work as follows:

1) Fake Disc Art using poster with video resolution outer ring
2) Fake Disc Art handwriting - will use clearlogo if available otherwise will display a disc with handwriting on it.
3) Fake Disc Art handwriting - colored disc. Disc color will be controlled by Video resolution.

Not 100% complete, missing from at least Pause screen at the moment

Fake Disc Art for music.

An addon to manfeed's excellent upgrade and the ability to use cd coverart for cd disc art.

No Floor option:

Removes the floor, should be available skin wide.

Movie, Actor, Director info upgraded to newer extended info versions.
Music Album and Artist info upgraded to newer extended info versions

Numerous other major upgrades and enhancements throughout the skin. I suggest you just explore the mod and all settings areas to find what has been added.


I myself am not a skilled skinner and nowehre near it and probably will never be when compared to some of the skilled skinners we have. Due to this I will simply state that if something is wrong or something breaks then I will attempt to fix it if I can or If I can get help to.


Like any mod, alot of the stuff has been done due to either schimi2k or I thinking they would enhance the skin.

That being said, I will consider any and all requests for changes / improvements to the skin and if we think they are cool or will enhance the skin then I will, again, attempt to do whatever the request is if possible.

I can't do every request as we all know we all want something different within the skin but if I can assign a switch to it then it'll probably get included, again as long as I can code the request, that way you can choose to use the mod or not.

Known issues:

Recently informed an issue in some views with duration. This is my fault as I'd done changes with script.duration installed which gives duration as XhXXm. I will be doing work to check all views without script.duration and update where required. This may mean that should you not install script.duration then you may see overlaps in some views where duration is displayed.

Thanks to:

BobCratchett, Mr.V, Mikesivo & bsoriano

schimi2k & meowmoo.

The beta testers for their feeback

Phil65, Hitcher et all for all my noob skinning questions

MikeSilvo, Warner306, mikebz44h etc. etc. etc for their modding.

Full credits in the skin.

Finally,we all hope you like 'Madnox' and enjoy what we have done.


P.S. Please try to keep all questions with regards to Madnox in this thread if possible, It may cause things to get lost but it would be better not to clutter up the 'Aeon Nox' with multiple threads for Madnox. I'll try to keep on top of thing in this thread
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
It would be realy nice, when u post a Bug, if you could post:

1. your OS

2. your Kodi version

3. is it the latest madnox version from git ? ( master or Isengard )

4. if its addon based, maybe the version number of that addon too

it would be PERFECT if you can make a screenshot of that Problem

thank you realy much Nerd
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
reserved #2
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
reserved #3
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
reserved #4
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
reserved #5
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
reserved #6
SKIN: Aeon Madnox
RIP Schimi2k, we miss you.
When I grow up I want to be a skilled skinner
Thank me by ⬇ adding to my + reputation
( This is a quote from a Team Member - not my idea ...( or how i call it... " a lot of work, that nobody reads anyway Wink ))

This is a small Guide for beginners who want to run MADNOX on their Kodi.
This is how i do a fresh and clean KODI - MADNOX setup ! ( I am using Windows 10 OS - other windows System working the same way )
I dont wanna say that all steps i make are perfect or realy needed, or the best way to do it, but this is the way i do (basicly), and everything is working realy nice here
( I dont use the PVR Functions, or any Picture things and i dont make a 100% "step-by-step Manual for dummys" )

Most Important for ALL Skins and for KODI is a good Movie/TVShow Structure of your collection - if u dont have the right names/structure in your collection u will get always problems with it - its realy important to take a look at the "KODI wiki" before u start with KODI - i ve learned it the hard way, and i cant count how often i change/update my collection
>>> KODI WIKI <<<
You should use a MediaManager like "Mediaelch", "EmberMediaManager" or any other tool.
Check this Area for some:>>> MediaManager <<<

This Post(s) are WIP and i will Update it from time to time when its necessary - When you found a Mistake, some helpful other infos or questions, please send me a PM !!! i will Add it to my 101 posts ( to keep it a clean )
If u dont use Windows OS, u need to check >>> HERE <<< what paths your OS is using - for Linux the .kodi folder is invisible - u need to make it visible first, before u can add/edit the files inside ( check google how u do it )

okay lets START...



The Latest Version of the "MADNOX" Skin from first Post >>> MADNOX <<<


01. Install Kodi ( and all wanted adjustments like advancedsettings.xml,sources... etc )

02. Copy "skin.aeon.madnox" to >>> C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons
( for *-ELEC users: storage/.kodi/addons/ >>> the ".kodi" folder is invisible ! you need to make it visible first - try to use "WinSCP" tool to tansfer and click on the invisible text at the bottom )

03. Copy all needed playlists to >>> C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\playlists\ >>> either video\music\mixed
you can find the needed top250 and Oscar playlists inside the extra folder: skin.aeon.madnox\extras\Playlists\video

04. Start KODI

05. Configure KODI ( - settings= Expert >>> Language, Video, Audio , Network ... etc)

06. Choose MADNOX Skin

07. Configure MADNOX

08. Install all needed Addons listed on "HELP"-Page in Skin Settings

09. Configure all ADDONS ! ( most of the People forget this - some addons needs special paths, logins or something like that )

Standard settings ... important here is the "Enable Backend Mode" if u want the "Movieset case Mod"
>>> Not needed anymore with MADNOX 0.9.0 RC-1 and after !!!

CUSTOMIZERS: >>> !!! CHANGED IN MADNOX 0.9.0 RC-1 !!! - Check special RC-1 Tipps >>> HERE <<<

Most of the Settings here are for the Optics and Colors u want - important settings here is to set the paths to the wanted icons in "Customize Icons"
- under General Settings u can configure the Playlists in "Smartplaylist Manager" - if u dont see your playlists here, u dont have the Addons needed
(script.randomandlastitems and script.playlists) u should see your playlists directly > no need to search for them when u have them inside your playlistfolder
>>> Not needed anymore with MADNOX 0.9.0 RC-1 and after !!!

- In Main menu item customizer u configure your main menu - u can choose what items u want, widgets, backrounds etc...

you can see here if some needed addon is missing
( most of them can be installed when you click on the missing one after MadNox Jarvis RC-1 - see new helpscreens !!! )

set the Path to your Music Library if u want "Fanart" for music artists etc and select your music Structure

10. Add your sources and scrape your content - I scrape all of my Stuff outside of KODI with a MediaManager ( Movies, TV-Shows and Audio ! )
- thats why i need to choose the LocalScraper for it (else u need to choose the online Scraper of your choice inside KODI )

11. if u want to have the nice movieset effect ( animated open movieset Case ) u need to go to >>>
Movies > choose Showcase View > Viewtype Setting > BD/DVD Cases > activate Show CD Art > activate Showcase Mod > activate No case for movieset >
activate Open Set as Boxcase ... if u want u can activate the Big Covers and Open Case if u want to have them
- If u want to have movieset Logos and special backrounds for Moviesets you should use "Movieset Artwork Automator" Addon
( Check my Tutorials >>> HERE <<< )

12. Have fun with Kodi

Next Post some FAQs...

( PS: English isnt my native Language - so sorry for every typo or wrong grammar i use here - THX )
HW: I5, AMD A6, Odroid C2 OS:Win10 & LibreElec Kodi:latest 16.x & 17.x Skin: MADNOX

M A D N O X - incl "HOW TO - SETUP TRICKS..." on first page !!!
Extra GFX Stuff for AeonNox Mods

Some Basics:
- u will get problems when u "MIX" things inside the "1080i" folder - when u took some xxx.xml files, or Code from other Mods and mixed it with the original MADNOX files inside the "1080i folder" u could get some strange Problems !
- u will get strange problems when u test more then one "nox" skins with one guisettings.xml !
( when u wanna test for example MADNOX, Shednox, and maybe Phils Nox with one guisettings.xml ) - if u want to check the other Nox skins, try to use always a new guisettings.xml - and even when u did u can get problems too, and need to use a fresh texturesxx.db
!!!KODI 16.x JARVIS: in Jarvis the skinsettings are stored now seperately in "...Kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.madnox" folder >>> settings.xml

where are all the skin settings and kodi settings are stored ?
- C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\guisettings.xml ( Windows OS ) ( for Kodi 16.x just Kodi Settings !!! Skin settings are seperate !!! )
when u have some problems, try to restart KODI and maybe your player first.
If u have strange problems, and test maybe other nox skins too, you should use a clean guisettings.xml file maybe
i have one clean guisettings.xml file as a backup with my Basic-Kodi settings ( language,audio,video,network ... no skin settings !!! ) - if u need to use a clean guisettings.xml u can use this, and save some time - because you just need to configure your skinsettings
!!! KODI 16.x JARVIS: in Jarvis the skinsettings are stored now seperately in "...Kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.madnox" folder >>> settings.xml

How do i get a CLEAN guisettings.xml
- Thats simple > just delete/rename your old guisettings.xml and after a restart of KODI u get a new clean guisettings.xml file - u see now the basic confluence skin without any settings !!! ( like a fresh KODI Installation )
- after that, configure all KODI settings ( language, video, audio, network ) - NO Skin settings ! - close KODI and make a backup of that guisettings.xml file and save it somewhere
If u need a clean guisettings.xml one day, u can replace the old/broken guisettings.xml file with this backup - u save some time, because all KODI settings are done already
!!! KODI 16.x JARVIS: in Jarvis the skinsettings are stored now seperately in "...Kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.madnox" folder >>> settings.xml

where are all Addons Settings are stored ?
- C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data ( Windows OS )

where are the playlists stored?
- C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\playlists\ >>> either video\music\mixed ( Windows OS )

My Thumbnails or GFX are acting weird or are messed up - what can i do ?
when u have some problems, try to restart KODI and maybe your player first.
If this doesnt help ! I ! do this >>> first i delete the textures13.db file ( the number will be change maybe ) inside here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\Database\ ( Windows OS )
Restart kodi and then the system rebuilds all textures again from infos of the nfos of the movies/tvshows
If this doesnt help i delete also the Thumbnail folder inside here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata ( Windows OS )
>>> this should be the last try ! because it will take a while, until all the new thumbnails are stored inside this thumbnail folder again - all gfx u see are stored inside this folder

MADNOX Update is available - what should i do now ?
- Shednox is not on any official Repository and we dont have the time/webspace to make our own ( we try with our Github but it doesnt work )
so u need to download the new version and replace the old "skin.aeon.madnox" folder with the new one - your settings are saved in guisettings.xml (or "Kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.madnox\settings.xml when you are using Kodi 16.x) - so you dont loose any settings when u replace it !
the BEST Way to keep up to date is to use a "GIT" tool - here is a GREAT Tutorial how to set it up: ( THX "Warner306" for this Great Tutorials )

I dont see any Movieset Infos inside the Movieset Case
- try to restart kodi - if this doesnt help, check if u have "script.extendedinfo" in your addons folder

if you have a Android device without a "i" Button ( Info Button ) - you can do this
>>> DIRTY FIX <<<
HW: I5, AMD A6, Odroid C2 OS:Win10 & LibreElec Kodi:latest 16.x & 17.x Skin: MADNOX

M A D N O X - incl "HOW TO - SETUP TRICKS..." on first page !!!
Extra GFX Stuff for AeonNox Mods
How to change default to colored or own Icons

watch gallery

How to activate SHOWCASE MOD and Open Cases

watch gallery

How to name your Movie and TV-Series Collection and what Fanart u need for all possible Images

watch gallery

How to configure and activate your Moviesets with the "Movie Set Artwork Automator"
„one Set folder for >> EACH Movieset <<“ Modus

watch gallery

How to configure and activate your Moviesets with the "Movie Set Artwork Automator"
„One Fanart folder for >> ALL Moviesets <<“ Modus

watch gallery

how to configure your smart Playlists:
( !!!! NOT NEEDED WITH >>> V0.9.0 RC-1 AND AFTER <<< ANYMORE !!!! )
( THX to "k4sh1n" for his guide )

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

A realy detailed 3D Movies Guide with KODI and external Player:
( THX to "brazen1" for his guide )

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

How to configurate the NEW "script.extendedinfo" Addon in Madnox to work properly
( THX to "Neurosis13" for his guide )

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

How to add ANIMATED GIF Images to Madnox/Kodi
( THX to "brazen1" for his guide )

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

Some info how to make a MUSIC NFO with blank templates for Artist and Album
( THX to "zorg2000k" for his guide )

>>> CLICK HERE <<<

A REALY DETAILED and Great Tutorial how to Prepare and add your Music Collection to Madnox (RC-1)
( THX to "zorg2000k" for his guide )

>>> CLICK HERE <<<
HW: I5, AMD A6, Odroid C2 OS:Win10 & LibreElec Kodi:latest 16.x & 17.x Skin: MADNOX

M A D N O X - incl "HOW TO - SETUP TRICKS..." on first page !!!
Extra GFX Stuff for AeonNox Mods
> > > MADNOX V0.9.0 RC-1 TIPPS < < <

[ LAST UPDATE: 04.03.2016 ]

Personaly i would suggest to start with a complete fresh config ( KODI,MADNOX,ADDONs ! ) - when you have already Jarvis, you can try to just update to new madnox... but maybe you will get some "strange" problems Wink
another thing - before you start asking " can we get back our old menu system or old widgets etc ... well short answer: NO ! we need to do this step to stay alive, because the old code was ... well old and the needed addons are no longer supported or crappy ... and beside this:
Sir Bobs "Skin.Shortcut script" is such an Awesome Tool, and Mr.Vs Widgets are so freaking Great too...

just take some time to explore the new "toys" and i hope with my first tips your first steps are a bit easier ( well if someone will watch them... )

MADNOX MainMenu Config & General Main Menu Settings & Infoline Config & Custom Widgets Config
[ UPDATE 04.03.2016 ]

watch gallery

You can download the 3 Addons that arent inside official Kodi Repo from the Repo from our friend Mike Silvo from "MikeSilvo Mod":
>>> HERE <<<
(Moviesetart Addon already have "extrafanart1" added !) - script.color.picker seems a bit Buggy ... should be replaced maybe one day ^^
after you have installed his Repo you can install all Addons within the Help Screen - THX for sharing Mike Smile

Widget Guide

watch gallery

( we add already new widget features ... like new colored backrounds of the widgets, and we are working atm on adding our BD Cases ... i will change these images later )

HW: I5, AMD A6, Odroid C2 OS:Win10 & LibreElec Kodi:latest 16.x & 17.x Skin: MADNOX

M A D N O X - incl "HOW TO - SETUP TRICKS..." on first page !!!
Extra GFX Stuff for AeonNox Mods
looks good , great work Big Grin
Thanks for sharing Big Grin
Nice work guys Smile
Im in the process of downloading it now.

I grabbed the DialogVideoInfo.xml from your hub and made a few changes if you are interested, I also expanded the number of actors to 150.
Feel free to use whatever part you like.


My Madnox Mods | Nox Version Guide
Movie Logo Requests | Studio Logo Requests
Logo's Made So Far:
So many new unique features! Incredible!

I know it was brought up during beta testing but, any chance of adding cases to KodiFlix view?
That addition would create my idea of a perfect view.
So nice to see none of those squares containing artwork, text only and rotating fanart.

This is my new default skin.
Thank you for all your hard work.
The community is going to love this imo.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players iso menus
W11 Pro MPC-BE\HC madVR KODI 21 GTX960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop 60Hz 8bit Video Matched Refresh rates 23,24,50,60Hz 8/10/12bit/Samsung 82" Q90R Denon S720W
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Aeon Madnox for Krypton / Jarvis - (no longer in development)39
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