OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-07-15, 01:02)Leopold Wrote: It's not working for me yet Sad
Log, screenshot, and example file are here.

Testing your video with #0714 on RPi2, I tried "Auto" and "MMAL - Advanced" but this hangs Kodi on a frozen frame - it's not garbled like your screenshot however. It does require a reboot of OpenELEC (rather than just a "systemctl restart kodi") otherwise the GPU seems to be messed up. Further attempts to play this video with "Auto"/"MMAL-Advanced" result in an immediate freeze with the first frame visible, although thankfully the GUI is still responding so it's possible to reset deinterlace to "Auto". If I select "On"/"MMAL-Advnaced" while playing the video it will freeze, I restart OpenELEC, then on playing this video again there is no image visible (just a black screen) and again the player is frozen (GUI still responds though).

I also found a sample 1080i video called "PAW Patrol.ts" - I think this video had problems a while ago with changes of frame rate (or was it number of audio channels?) at the advert transitions (although to be honest, I'm not really sure where the adverts end and the programmes start in this video, but that's another matter...).

Anyway with "Auto"/"MMAL - Advanced", the "PAW Patrol.ts" video plays very badly, headache inducing bad (it gave me a headache anyway). The first serious problem appears at about 45 seconds with the Disney Princess (major flickering - it looks like frames shown a few seconds previously are being shown again, alternately with a new frame), and this continues throughout. It doesn't crash, hang or freeze, though. A slightly less serious issue, there's also a bright line that is sometimes visible at the top of the video which I don't think should be there (it comes and goes throughout the video, but is usually there at the start during the monster car race scene).

500MB Dropbox: PAW Patrol.ts
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