OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Another Milhouse-style build:

  • [omxplayer] Set audio properties for passthrough
    We weren't setting the stream_channels property for passthrough for omxplayer (we do with Pi Sink)
    That means we were using 2 in number of channels of the AudioInfoFrame packet, rather then 0
    which is 'refer to stream header' which is correct for passthrough

  • [omxplayer] Allow automatic switching back to omxplayer after it has been disabled
    Omxplayer gets disabled when it is unsuitable (e.g. software decoder required, or ALSA audio or AC3 transcode).
    However if you play another file without quitting dvdplayer, it doesn't reconsider.
    E.g. play divx3 file and omxplayer is disabled. If you then launch a h.264 file while first file is still playing it doesn't switch
    back to omxplayer as you might expect.
    This patch allows a switch back to omxplayer mode

  • [rbp] Leave 3D framepacking output disabled by default

  • [omxplayer] Support per refresh rate display latency settings
    See here

  • [mmalrenderer] Wait for vsync before submitting to mmal when display sync is disabled
    This avoids an issue where video occasionally goes stuttery after a seek, until the next pause/play or seek.
    The issue is when display sync is disabled, and framerate of video matches display, and render times are coincident with vsync
    you find that depending on timestamp/scheduling jitter, you may or may not get an update each vsync resulting in stuttery video.
    Some scheme to force render times to be dependent on vsync is required. We do this by blocking in RenderUpdate unto next vsync.

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