OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-10, 03:31)Milhouse Wrote: @MrNice/@doveman2: Apologies both, for some reason I misinterpreted your posts and thought the problem was that Kodi is now going straight to shutdown instead of offering you an option from the power menu. I hadn't taken on board that Kodi is in fact locking up when the power button is pressed (and only when the shutdown function is "Shutdown", as Suspend works fine). Also "Power off" from the Power menu is working normally.

I can reproduce this with the latest build (once I set my shutdown function to Shutdown), and there's a trac ticket for this issue (trac #16146) so hopefully there will be a fix soon - it's most likely one of the ApplicationMessenger commits introduced in build #0715b.

Thanks. I avoid the problem by putting this in my user remote.xml


and would have thought that's a more user-friendly approach than having the button Shutdown or Suspend, as it gives the user a chance to back out if they press it accidentally (although I guess Suspend is easy enough to come out of) and is easier than having to navigate to the Quit button (which is less accessible on some skins than others) but I guess it's up to the OE/Kodi team if they want to make that default behaviour.

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