OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-05, 04:39)wchick132 Wrote:
(2015-08-04, 23:22)Kiralina Wrote: #0804

-OMX off
-sync playback to display on

All online and HDD content work fine.

x265 test file 2 still drops frames. and freezes. No overclocking.

Both x265/HEVC videos you uploaded contain no subtitle (I verified with mediainfo). Playback of them, if without subtitle, were just flawless. Testings were all done with build #0804.

For the first x265/HEVC video, when I use an external English subtitle file in .srt format, I counted 10 freeze-pixelation-recovery sequences during the 12 minutes of playback. Video usually only freeze for a few seconds, 10 at the most.

For the second x265/HEVC video, I used an external .srt file which has nothing to show for the first 3 minutes (ie. first subtitle started after 3 minute), playback was also flawless. That means loading of subtitle files (at least for .srt) would not cause video freeze, only showing subtitle would. In fact, for x265/HEVC video with embedded subtitle, playback freeze problem won't happen if I turned subtitle display off in the first place.

I checked the info while playing the first x265/HEVC video. I'm little surprised that bitrate of the first video is pretty high (over 1.6MB/s) and playback without subtitle was smooth with no frame drop. I think they did a great job to utilize the full potential of RPi2.

Hello, I have a Rpi2 and am very happy with everything you have to give this little gizmo !. For a long time I have been following the forum, and at first, all I congratulate you for the extraordinary work they do and the dedication with which they do.
Now, the question, wchick132 have seen something more about the problem file playback X265 / HEVC ?. I have exactly the same problems (including the latest version, # 813), if the video does not have subtitles or stick reproduce without problems, but if the video has a subtitle (regardless of extension or file encoding) presents some pixelations in reproduction. I tried everything:

Overclock / No Overclock
Auto / interlaced Off / On
Advanced MMAL / Bob / Bob Half / MMAL Advanced Half / Automatic

But I always came to the conclusion that the subtitles should be causing some kind of problem, because without them reproduction is excellent !!.
If I can help with any record, video, tests, etc., let me know !.
Thank you very much!

I'm sorry, but English is not my native language, Google helps a bit with communication (or not communication) Smile

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