OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-17, 13:07)afremont Wrote:
(2015-08-17, 12:54)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-08-17, 04:52)afremont Wrote: OOPs, spoke too soon. I had a few seconds of audio dropout in the middle of watching something. The AVR box display went blank which means that it either stopped getting data over the HDMI or it thought the format changed. That's the same thing that happens when I first start watching Live TV and it takes a couple of seconds for audio to start coming out.

Was the dropout with omxplayer or dvdplayer?
Was sync playback to display enabled? If so was the sync method resample or PLL?

I believe DVDPlayer since I unchecked the box for OMXPlayer in Acceleration settings. PLL

Like I said, it's the same amount of time and effect as when starting a new playback or unpausing. My AVR seems to need a couple of seconds to identify what type of stream it is. Only had one dropout that I saw while playing. The AVR display blanked and then kicked back in after a couple of seconds. It's an Onkyo TX-NR828. Let's give it some time and see if I notice anymore dropouts during Live TV playing. I just know that with OMXPlayer, unpausing resulted in instant audio without the AVR having to take a couple of seconds to "lock on" to the stream.

Also - do you have a suitable HDMI Clock Limit entry in your config.txt - I found that stopped my Onkyo AVR dropping out to black.

(Or is this no longer required popcornmix?)

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