OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-21, 13:58)doveman2 Wrote: I compared two programmes, The Simpsons on Ch.4 and Alias Smith and Jones on ITV4 on my TV (both SD) which are both broadcast in 4:3 (so my TV auto-switches to 4:3 mode and displays grey bars either side).

On the RPi, The Simpsons on Ch.4 sets the View Mode to Normal (as per the Display 4:3 videos setting) but Alias Smith and Jones on ITV4 sets it to Stretch 16:9 (which is the saved default view). I have no idea why it doesn't detect the latter as 4:3.. Anyway, I still need to change the TV mode from Auto (which sets it to Just with the RPi) to 4:3 for 4:3 programmes and back to Auto for 16:9 programmes.

With my TV in 4:3 mode and the RPi in Normal view mode, when the 4:3 programme switches to 16:9 adverts, not only do I have the grey bars either side but also black space above and below the adverts, so they're displayed in a fairly narrow strip in the middle. Switching the RPi view mode to Stretch 16:9 expands the advert vertically to remove the black space and then I have to switch the TV mode to Auto to expand it horizontally to remove the grey bars.

Hey, it's only adverts though, so not worth worrying about. It's just a shame I have to manually switch the TV mode and in some cases the RPi view mode, depending on whether the actual programme is 16:9 or 4:3. I think the only way round this would be if the RPi could automatically detect 4:3 programmes and create a 16:9 frame with black or grey bars either side of the 4:3 picture, which I guess is what Freeview STB do.

aspect ratio information is present in SI tables of the TS and in the video sequence header of the encoded video stream, so maybe Kodi relies on the one and your STB on the other and ITV4 only sets one of them correctly?

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