OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Hi guys.

Having an issue and was wondering if anyone might be able to help.

I have a RPi2 connected to a Pioneer VSX-324 Amplifier and then to a BenQ w1070 projector (I think I can recall reading that there is at least one or two other people with similar setups - HDMKV? Movie78?).

I am running the latest Milhouse build (0916) although this issue still happens even with the latest 5.95 Openelec release (I think this is a bug, but thought I would ask your opinions)

I have Full HD HDMI modes for 3d and MVC (full frame 3d) enabled. Audio is set so that passthrough is off (so the Pi is outputting PCM multichannel to the amp) with 5.1 channels. Adjust display refresh rate = always; Sync Playback to display = off (although changing this doesn't seem to make any difference). The GUI resolution is set to 1080p 23.98 (this projector supports Frame Packing 3D at this resolution, but not at say 50hz, where it only supports SBS; I know that this doesn't matter for playback when it is set to be synced to display, but bear with me))

When I play a 3d MVC movie that has been ripped using MakeMKV and flagged as a 3d file (actually just figured out it can be any 1080p 3D movie inc SBS and TAB), it automatically triggers the "Frame Packing" 1080p mode of the projector and displays the file as it should, in proper 3d with sound. However when I stop playing the file, the projector does not get the message to switch back to 2D / non frame packing, so the UI is distorted (looks like SBS as if I close 1 eye, I can see half the screen and vice versa). To rectify this, I can either turn 3D mode off on the projector (which is set to auto by default) or head to the Kodi System - Video - Resolution settings and change it to something else. I have "disable stereoscopic 3d mode when playback ended" enabled (although again this makes no difference on or off).

If the GUI resolution is set to something else (say 1080 / 50) where the projector does NOT support frame packing at that resolution, then there are no issues - the video plays properly and when stopped, returns to the gui at the appropriate resolution without the projector being stuck in 3d frame packing.

I cannot see that there was anything exciting in the log, but here is the link:

In the meantime, I will just keep using the GUI at 1080/50hz where everything is OK.

Would be keen to see if this affects others as well.


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