OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-09-25, 15:50)SpuDy Wrote: at the last two builds in a video settings is available only


This problem actually starts with build #0918, which reintroduced RapidJSON in place of YASL. However it's not a RapidJSON problem as build #0928z (which reverts to the original YASL) also has the same video settings dialog problem.

This isn't a problem in my x86 OE builds (FernetMenta/master in place of newclock5), nor latest Kodi master on Ubuntu (ie. with DVDPlayer not VideoPlayer).

Disabling Fritsch's Intel patches from doesn't fix the problem, so they're not the cause.

So I don't know what patch is causing this problem.

The dialog contents comes from xbmc/video/dialogs/GUIDialogVideoSettings.cpp

This is the latest version from Kodi master:
This is the latest version in my RPi builds (after newclock5 has been applied):
This is the diff between the two:

It seems that every item in CGUIDialogVideoSettings::InitializeSettings() that checks if it should appear (or after being added, should be removed because it's not a supported feature) is missing, which suggests the call to g_application.m_pPlayer->Supports() is no longer returning "true" for supported features, in which case perhaps it's an issue in g_application.m_pPlayer->Supports()?

Commenting out the following lines (patch) from CGUIDialogVideoSettings::InitializeSettings()
for (StaticIntegerSettingOptions::iterator it = entries.begin(); it != entries.end(); )
    if (g_application.m_pPlayer->Supports((EINTERLACEMETHOD)it->second))
      it = entries.erase(it);
so that the added items are *not* removed results in the VS_INTERLACEMETHOD_* items appearing in the dialog, which pretty much confirms that g_application.m_pPlayer->Supports() is returning "false" for everything, even supported features.

Unfortunately I have no idea which commit is causing this new Supports() behaviour.
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