OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-11-12, 16:37)SofaKng Wrote:
(2015-11-12, 05:30)J_E_F_F Wrote: at idle, my RPi2 hovers around 7%, either on a single core, or split between two cores, such as 5% and 2%

note that using something like p produces noticeably higher CPU load than #top and then pressing 1 to see the individual CPUs
Thanks. After letting my RPI2 sit idle all night, it's showing about 15% idle CPU usage (using 'top' over SSH).

However, I'm still wondering if it's normal to see [Buffering...] for a few seconds when seeking around very large files. I'm using wired gigabit Ethernet and NFS. My over HTPC seeks around pretty much instantly.

EDIT: Also, I am using a 64 GB Samsung microSD card because I didn't have anything else available. I've ordered the NOOBS card directly from RPi foundation because I heard that's a very good card, but could my existing card be causing some of this buffering?

I have no lag with my large files, but the largest are only 2GB or so. They are coming via SMB on a gigabit network, but the Pi is only capable of 100mbit. You can test your network connection by installing and testing with iperf. Try moving one of your big files to the microSD card, is the lag still there? I use 32GB Samsing EVO cards, they are great, I have no issues.

You can get a good network speed bump by using a USB gigabit adapter, but the Pi should not need that additional speed, it should pull things fast enough over the built in 100mbit ethernet not to matter.

You can also increase the SD Card speed note I went back to 84, one of my RPi2s was unstable at 100 (no matter which card I used) and I wanted the settings to be the same for both my RPis.

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