OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-11-21, 11:00)motorherz Wrote:
(2015-11-21, 03:45)Milhouse Wrote:
(2015-11-21, 03:13)motorherz Wrote: is this the correct file?

Yes, thanks. I don't know if it contains anything relevant, there are some audio/video related errors, but @popcornmix will know for sure.

(2015-11-21, 03:13)motorherz Wrote: I started watching in 2d and switched to 3d
by the way, the problem is also when I change to SBS mode

No problems here switching from 2D to SBS and back, although as I said I only have one 3D ISO and no 3D equipment.

What are your video/audio settings (can you screenshot Settings -> Video -> Playback and Settings -> System -> Audio output pages)?

You said here that you only went back as far as build #1021, as you thought framepacking had only been available since build #1023. Framepacking has in fact been available since build #0315 (15 March) so going back further than #1021 might help identify when this problem started.

Edit: 3D ISO support was added in #0916, so that's probably as far back as you can go.




when write, the framepacking is available since 1021, I mean, there is the menu when the movie starts, where I can select 3d/2d. All earlier builds dont show this menu - so I cannot select 3d...
I miss this menu also in the official (6.0) release. thats why I dont have 3d support without this menu

this here:


After several tests, I found out the reason for the missing sound!
The problem is in: setup/video-hardware/resolution
When I set to 1080p, the Pi2 is silent when playing 3d framepacked video with HD-audio
When I reduce the resolution to "desktop", I have sound. This setting will produce only 1080i/60 framepacked video with HD-audio.
I hope, you can find a way to optimize this setting, lets hope, the Pi2 is fast enough to play 1080p framepacked 3d.ISO with converting HD-Audio content to PCM!!!

Hi, me again.
Does anyone have suggestions for the 1080i/60Hz problem? Is there any user with the same problem like me? Or can millhouse or popcornmix tell me the settings how to make it run in 1080p on the Pi2?
thanks in advance.
by the way, good job, guys!

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