OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-12-03, 17:52)afremont Wrote:
(2015-12-02, 19:08)popcornmix Wrote:
(2015-12-02, 17:03)afremont Wrote: I'm using videoplayer with mmal enabled and the default interlacing

Can you confirm if it is a memory leak? e.g. leave it running once it starts stuttering and see if it eventually crashes with out-of-memory reported in dmesg log.

Can you narrow down in what circumstances it occurs?
Does stopping and starting playback resolve the issue? If not does restarting kodi (without rebooting) resolve the issue ("systemctl restart kodi").
Does it occur with recordings?
Does it occur with omxplayer enabled?
Does it occur with deinterlace disabled?
Does it occur with sync playback to display enabled/disabled?
Does it occur with passthrough enabled/disabled?
Is it a new issue? Can you identify the build that first introduced it?

Stopping and restarting works for a while.
Live TV is the only thing that gets as bad as I've seen, but my recordings are mostly 30 minutes each. Usually this takes an hour or two of live TV to really get noticeable.
Using OMXPlayer works quite well with only fraction of the CPU usage that videoplayer uses. OMXPlayer usually uses on the order of 12% whereas videoplayer uses around 50% in the main thread.
I don't know if disabling deinterlacing does anything. I will try to find out. I do know that I had previously "locked" in MMAL Advanced for Deinterlace Method, but after renaming the .kodi directory, that was back to Auto select for the method. I always have Deinterlace Video set to Auto.
Sync playback to display is enabled
Pass through is currently disabled since I was using resample audio, now I have it set to adjust pll.

This has been ongoing for a while. I can't begin to tell you the version that first started having this particular problem yet. I did identify the exact version that had frame dropping and audio sync issues when the GUI was up, but you seemed upset and just patched things to drop every other frame when the gui is up even though that particular problem didn't appear until a specific version. After that, I figured you really didn't want to be hearing from me about it anymore so I went back to using OMXPlayer. 3D support seems to be what it's all about anyway and I personally don't need it for my setup. What I need is something reliable that my wife can live with. Smile

I'm sorry that I can't be more specific. I'm not able to do daily updates anymore because of life things. I figured that since other people weren't complaining that I was the only one due to some kind of local problem or unique situation. I use MPEG2 for TV because I have two HDHomerun tuners. I use Mythbuntu for the backend and the Raspberry Pi for the frontend.

I'm going to switch my frontend boxes. I have a Pi in the bedroom running a released version of OpenELEC and I'm going to move it to the living room. I will put the nightly box in there so I can try various things to try and figure out the problem. I can't just leave things running until they blow completely up in the living room because my wife uses it. I'm not promising anything, but I will TRY to go back and find the first version that started this particular problem. The box in the bedroom is rarely used anyway.

I'm concerned that maybe all this is unique to me, that's why I asked about renaming the folder before shouting out loud about my problems. I've been noticing that when running htop on a couple of different linux boxes I have, that sometimes it just stops updating for a few seconds (up to 10). If other network traffic is having this kind of problem, then I can see why Kodi is having issues with buffering, freezing and keeping things smooth and synchronized. I'm in the process now of swapping out some switches to see if it makes any difference. I do know that when htop stops updating on one connection, it continues to update on others. This tells me that I might be having a switch issue. I've had some nasty power hits in the last few months, so anything is possible. When I'm the only one noticing something, I'm hesitant to say anything on the forum.

Before you go on a wild goose chase, let me do some more testing and see if I can find anything that I can reproduce on demand. I also want to figure out this htop freezing stuff. I'm going to buy a managed switch that I can do port mirroring with so that I can run wireshark and see if I can see a freeze in the stream from the TV tuner to the Myth box or from there to the Pi.

I have an almost identical setup, 2 HD Homerun Primes, Charter as my cable provider and mpeg2 streams (I do not have the transcoding HD Homerun devices), MythTV (running on Fedora 20 though) and 2 RPi2 frontends. One of my RPi2 boxes is hooked to an old square CRT TV using the composite connector and the other is hooked up to a 1080p LCD with HDMI. I have both adjust display refresh rate and sync playback to display enabled, for the latter I am using the PLL option. I only have MMAL enabled (OMXPlayer is disabled). I've also set advanced deinterlacing as the default for all video and it is working quite well for me.

I'm not seeing any of the issues you've mentioned, but I do update almost every day. On the weekends I'll have liveTV going for several hours (usually on CNN HD or Cartoon Network HD) and I've not seen stuttering or any out-of-memory issues. I do change the GPU memory settings in config.txt with gpu_mem_1024=320 since the RPi2 has 1gb of memory.

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