OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
Hi guys

i have a problem and i'm not able to fix it by myself.
I hope i am in the right topic and you can help me.

First of all my Hardware:
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Pioneer VSX-923 (AVR)
Acer H6517ST (Projector)
LG 47LM670S (TV)
And a PC ^^


I want to use the Raspberry to play 3D Bluray ISO's.
The Options in Raspberry's setup (full frame 3D and Use Full HD HDMI Modes for 3D) are enabled.
If i start an ISO file it starts in SBS mode
If i do this after a hardreset it starts in Framepacking mode but... only one time
when i stop the movie and resume/restart it, it will be playing in SBS mode
restart/softreset have no effect
Every Framepacked content now is playing in SBS mode

Now it will be a little curious...
when i pull out a HDMI Cable (no matter if Raspberry's or the one from the projector) and put it back in the Raspberry plays in FP mode.

playing FP content from PC via PowerDVD is no Problem
playing FP content from Raspberry is no problem to on the TV
With TV and Projector Both powered on playing FP Content from Raspberry the TV switches automatically in 3D mode and the Beamer shows me a SBS Picture (see pic)


My way to try to fix it:

Restarting Raspberry
Reinstalling Openelec
Changing HDMI Cables
Changing HDMI OUT on AVR
Connecting Raspberry directly to the Projector
Trying another ISO

all that wont help

The only Way to get Framepacked Video is pull out and put back in The HDMI Cable.
Or using PowerDVD on PC (Power consumption Angel)

I hope somebody can help me

If this is the wrong forum feel free to move this post

For more information just ask

Thanks for your time to read my story


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