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XBMC 2.0.1 (Final) Point-Release!
Team-XBMC and The XBMC Project is proud to announce the release of XboxMediaCenter 2.0.1. XBox Media Center (XBMC) is an award winning, free and open source media player for the Xbox game-console. XboxMediaCenter 2.0.1 point-release source code has now been set in our CVS, and all XBMC users are highly encouraged to upgrade to this version. Know that this point-release version marks the end of the 2.0 era of XBMC, there will be no more 2.0.x bug-fix point-releases. The next point-release of XBMC will be 2.1 (or maybe even 3.0), and it will probably be quite a while before that 2.1 (or 3.0) version sees the light of day with all new major features/functions we have planned for the future, (those who can not wait can always use the latest daily CVS of XBMC).

This XboxMediaCenter 2.0.1 point-release is a stable bug-fix version of the XboxMediaCenter 2.0.0 point-release, no major new features has been implemented, for a full list of fixed bugs and tweaks please read the changelog. (For a full list of all features/functions and codecs/formats supported by XBMC please visit the "XBMC Features and Supported Formats/Codecs" page in our online manual). Remember, Team-XBMC only maintain the XBMC source code, Team-XBMC does not release or distribute Xbox executable (XDK binaries), but the XBMC source code needs to be compiled with the XDK before it can be used on an Xbox, also note that XBMC requires a modded Xbox to run. Our thanks goes out to everyone who has tested, reported bugs, and helped fix them in order to make this release possible.

Help is always wanted to keep our online-manual and language translations files up-to-date.

XBMC official web-site: (manual and FAQ)
Note! The old XBMC domain has been abandoned!

Additional information to the news announcement:

For those of you who are new to XBMC, please understand and respect that Team-XBMC only maintain the XBMC source code, Team-XBMC does not release or distribute Xbox executable (XDK binaries). You can not run just source code on an Xbox, (again, you will require a XDK compiled version of XBMC to run on your Xbox, but do not ask us where to find nor where to download pre-compiled versions of XBMC!). Please read our FAQ and the XBMC Online-Manual (WIKI) carefully before posting/asking anything in our official XBMC community-forum.

Know that the XBMC CVS feature-freeze has officially now been lifted, for real this time, our developers will now begin to add new features/functions to the XBMC CVS again, possible making that code tree unstable. So if you want to use a stable version of XBMC, then stick with the 2.0.1 point-release, however note that we only accept bug-reports on the very latest (daily) CVS, (please see our manual on how to submit a proper bug-report). Using the stable 2.0.1 point-release instead of the latest (daily) CVS, you will also miss out on any new features/functions that are implemented into the CVS.

PS! New Proper bug-reports from end-users and new features/functions and bug-fix patches from independent programmers are always welcomed, as is confirmation and additional replication information (or samples) about known bugs.
I look forward to every new release... Big Grin

wow i think i should have waited like 1 more day before posting my noobish question about when it was gonna be released, i hope this wasnt released cos of me.
But as always Kikass!!!!!!!!!!! you guys have outdone ur selves!!
im surprised my the lack of response i thought it would have been 10pgs by now!!
well at least theres a better response to this at xbox scene
your question was kinda bad timing, but it did not affect the release plan Wink
Thanx for this new release, i don't know if this is the place to ask for help but i have a problem with the dvd player. It does not show the highlights on the dvd menu's, so you will not be able to see which button you choose. I had this also in a version from some weeks back, but when i changed too 2.0.0 everything was ok again.

Please help me out with this one...

With kind regards,

Your correct.. there is a help forum for issues to be posted Wink
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