RKM MK80 (Allwinner A80) H/W video decoding in KODI?
Hi all,

I am very confused about XBMC/KODI's ability to use H/W video decoding on the Rikomagic MK80 box (Allwinner A80 chipset).

On Rikomagic's webpage (http://www.rikomagic.com/en/product/show...id_20.html), they state that "XBMC: Preload XBMC, support XBMC H/W decoding".

However, on KODI's WIKI page (http://kodi.wiki/view/Android_hardware), it says that the H/W decoding is NOT supported on the Allwinner A80 chipset at all.

Does anyone know whats correct, or perhaps have any real-life experience with the MK80 box to share?

If I want the smoothest 1080 playback possible, maybe the Rikomagic MK902II (with Rockchip RK3288 chipset) is a better choice as H/W decoding is supported according the the KODI WIKI.


I am not sure but Allwinner is one of the worst SoC's on market regarding this HW acceleration under Linux and HW decoding support under Android in combination with Kodi.

Issue is Cedar-X library which is closed source, so many people end up with external player like MX Player used to make playback with Kodi.

The only reliable hardware decoding anyone seems to get on any Allwinner chipset is using unofficial and really messy patches to Kodi/XBMC, which are not included in any official builds. You can get hardware decoding to work with official builds, but it doesn't always work. At least according to user reports on the matter. Remember, the wiki is maintained either directly by the community, or at least by reports from the community, so there's always a chance for error or even just outdated information.
OK - thanks guys.

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RKM MK80 (Allwinner A80) H/W video decoding in KODI?0
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