Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-08-26, 00:43)trsqr Wrote: Ok, some results testing with a NUC5CPYH, which is a Braswell N3050 based device. N3050, like N3000 and N3150 has 12 EU GPU, whereas N3700 has 16 EU GPU.

2160p24 ( )
This video plays perfectly, no glitches.

2160p30 ( )
This video has purple artifacts during the first 5 seconds, and at times when the scene is changed. Mostly it's good though. Bit rate more than 50 Mbit/s at several times. Debug log:


2160p30 ( )
This video has every now and then green or purple artifacts covering almost the whole screen. Debug log:

2160p60 ( )
The video plays, but there is significant skipping. I didn't get any picture at first with libva-driver-intel 1.6.0, but after updating to latest master it was fine (ie. only stuttering).

CPU usage is below 30% at all times. All in all, really promising results. Looking forward to see all these improvements trickle into the stable products in the coming months. Not sure the N3050 will ever be able to decode [email protected], but it could not render 4k picture at that frame rate anyway due to HDMI 1.4a. Will be interesting to hear what BtbN will be able to squeeze out of his N3700.


Thanks much for tihs feedback. Yes, some files currently still have issues color wise - Timo already got a sample. So in case of the greenish issues I am quite positive that we can work that out.

Edit: please do a git pull - I bumped FFmpeg once again and picked the latest work of Timo (you need to rerun configure so that ffmpeg gets rebuild)
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