Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
Here is more about a/v sync prob:
some titles are just perfectly sync from the begining, while most of them are not.
- The Age of adaline:
Playback start > a/v: -0.2xx..3xx
pause/resume > a/v up to -0.0xx
pause/resume > up to 0.3xx
pause/resume > up to 0.5xx...
rewind > back to the first state -0.2xx
- Avangers
Playback start > a/v: almost 0.000
pause/resume > a/v up to 0.2xx......
rewind > back to 0.02

Titles with dts-hd or dolby true-hd track always start with perfect sync 0.00x
Titles with dts or dolby always start at -0.2xx

a/v reffer to Audio/video sync difference in codecinfo label.


Hope i'm not b....itting hereBig Grin

Edit: No a/v sync issues with pcm,flac,aac.. audio formats. so this is about bitstream.
Edit 2: squash audio sync FernetMenta authored 2 hours ago

thanks Fernet
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