Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
yes that is true. my own xorg.conf because of tearings with chromium browser this setting is necessary for me.

Quote:OpenELEC (unofficial) Version: devel-20151202082538-r21587-g8581404
OpenELEC git: 8581404bbf15a91d17d17e6fa7b407ce70970d39
OpenELEC:~ # cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep TearFree
[1648564.325] (==) intel(0): TearFree disabled

sync problem still exists.

pcm or mp2 audio seems always fine. only with passthrough. very much with 2.0 dolby (>1000 ms) and hard to notice with 5.1. In all cases audio is out of sync if transport stream has some picture errors.

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