Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2016-03-06, 20:38)psysfaction Wrote:
(2016-03-06, 20:21)fedux Wrote: A very egoistic and off topic question... Please don't blame me! Sad
Is there any 6.0.x VAAPI build that integrates the new AirPlay, iOS 9 compatible, plugin that can be found in 7.0.x?!
I own an Intel Nuc DN2820FYKH, first gen. As you may already know it's a relatively difficult device to find the best configuration... Fritsch helped me a lot when he showed me this build and saved my Nuc from a premature death caused by constant overheating! Straight Openelec, with the "wrong" drivers, was killing my device. Of course it's not an Openelec fault!!!
After saying that you can understand better why I don't want to leave this wonderful configuration I have but, at the same time, I really would like to have latest AirPlay on my system... My wife and kids really love to use it for photos and music!
Is that possible? Smile

There won't be any builds form from Fritsch as he already stated a few times.
But maybe Matdewo the Chromebox Guy will make a build once Openelec released their Beta for Kodi 16.
As for Airplay you have to understand that it is mostly broken with Ios9 and will only work with Audio and not with Photos.
Best just buy a used AppleTV 3 if you need airplay mirroring.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer!
I thought Memphiz and the other guys finally had fixed it, but, if this is the result, I have the good answer to give to my wife! You know how wives are....!!!! We, men, are just simple creatures!!!

Have a good day.

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