Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
So everything is working right now with VAAPI/EGL :-)

Sadly I have to come back to my refresh rate switching "problem".
I've tested your switching commands on my new install.

When executing "xrandr -d :0 -r 24" the HDMI Signal LED on my Receiver went off, after 2 sec the LED went on, and after another 5sec the TV shows Picture.
My TV isn't the fastest when switching Refreshrate, but it there is around 7sec in total when switching :-(

Is there anything I can tune und test ? Why is it, that first the HDMI Signal went away for 2secs (AV-Receiver LED) ? Isn't signal change instant from the Gfx-card side ?
Or is it simply a dumb problem of my PC / AV-Receiver / TV combination ?


Came into a strange Audio Problem: all audio except 48000hz wont play via AV-Receiver - can't find anything in kodi.log.
Tried to switch to direct hdmi connection to tv. Now audio is working 44100/48000 pcm and passthrough (via sp/dif from tv to receiver). ALSO refreshrate switching is down to 3sec !

Any hints on this ? Apart from that I will switch to direct TV connection with SP/Dif to AVR instead.

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