Bug TMDB - Scraping Works But Artwork (posters fanart) do not download
Hi All,

I have enjoyed using XBMC/KODI for several years. I recently purchased a ASUS Chromebox and have loaded Kodibuntu on to it.

After scraping my My Movie library with TMDB, I noticed that almost all of my older DVD (VOB and ISO) movie artwork was not downloading when setting up my Movie sources. I spent a lot of time combing this Forum and searching google for ideas on how to fix the issue. Here are some of things I found out:
1) I discovered that TMDB changed its base url for images with little to no warning. Patches to the TMDB scraper followed (3.8.X...)
2) To address future unannounced changes, it appears that API /Configuration calls are made and parsed for specific info so that new URL strings can be dynamically built without hard-cdoing
3) TMDB Scraper updates work great with newer movie formats (MKV, AVI, MKV etc...) using proper folder naming - {Movie name} {Year of Movie}
4) When Scraping Older DVD sources, the Scraper DOES download movie info (Text info: Plot etc...) BUT FAILS to download the artwork. Looking at the DEBUG detailed kodi.log there are still references to the old TMDB image server at cloudfront.net: "20:09:22 T:140579497305856 ERROR: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: Couldn't resolve host name(6) for http://d3gtl9l2a4fn1j.cloudfront.net/t/p/original/ywxrdkfbr8Dg3SBW2gi4kC59qOb.jpg"

It would be great to get some feedback or ideas on how to get the DVD artwork to show up in the Movies section. If it really is a bug, please fix soon.

I have pasted my debug log here: http://xbmclogs.com/pbpytrouv.
Screen shots showing the missing artwork and successfully retrieved text movie info:

Thanks in advance for your help

Those movie folders contain full .nfo files, which contain the old URLs to the image files. The scraper isn't involved.

You should be able to confirm this by manually refreshing one of the affected movies, and opting to ignore the local information when given the choice. The images should then download from the correct URL via the scraper.

If you delete all the .nfo files and refresh everything (i.e. set the content to "none" on the source folder, remove all titles from the library, and then set the content back to "movies" and rescan), it should fix things permanently.

Thanks for your technical suggestion. I eliminated the NFOs and the DVD/ISO folders scraped and downloaded artwork correctly!

Sometime ago, I used to pre-scrape folders with "Media Companion" before committing them to the library. It automatically hard-coded the image paths in the NFOs and thus the problem.

Thanks for your help. Perhaps this will be of help to other forum users.



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TMDB - Scraping Works But Artwork (posters fanart) do not download0
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