No "General" tab to configure PVR Client

Forgive me if this has been asked before but cannot find any info on this subject.

Basically when I try and add nextpvr client all goes well until I get to the "configure" stage..the settings page only has "connection" and "advanced" options,no "general" tab as all the examples I have found on the net.

Is it a problem with my system or box? (Minix x8-H) Will I need to reinstalled xbmc?

Or is there a simple fix.

Fairly new to this but managed to sort most things out bar this problem!

Thanks in advance
Not exactly sure what part of the PVR setup you're looking at here.

The Kodi NextPVR client Add-On does only have "Connection" and "Advanced" configuration screens.

NextPVR itself (not the client) does have a number of different screens in it's "Settings" mode one of which is "General". To get to it you need to start NextPVR outside of Kodi, right-click on the title bar and select "Setting" from the drop down menu. From there you can go to "General" if this is what you've seen pics of.
(2015-07-15, 18:39)davelr Wrote: To get to it you need to start NextPVR outside of Kodi

Thanks for the reply,but how do I manage that?

Sorry if its a dumb question but could you explain how to do this in a step by step process from the very start?
I can only find it in >programme adds ons>enabled>configure and thats where my problems start
No worries, no dumb questions.

Sorry but I think I made an unwarranted assumption. I assumed since your post was in the NextPVR forum that your device was Windows based. However I just looked it up and it's an Android device (at least the one I found). If so, it shouldn't be able to run NextPVR.

I'm not very familiar with Android so if that's what it is I won't be able to help.

If it is Windows I can try to help. Let me know.
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No "General" tab to configure PVR Client00