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Announcement - Kodi 17 codename: Krypton
Kylo. With all the new Star Wars hype and as an homage to The Force Awakens why not Kylo? ?
Kodi v17 Name Announcement!

We're pleasantly surprised by the amount of responses we've received on our quest to find a new code name for Kodi v17.
This thread alone received over 400 replies and our blogpost and the subject triggered close to 900 people to comment.
In all, an amazing total of close to 1100 different names were brought up by the community!

After counting, recounting and re-recounting all the suggestions for days, we can now publish the top-10 shortlist of most suggested names:
  1. Krypton (98 votes)
  2. Kraken (63 votes)
  3. Kenobi (36 votes)
  4. Kronos (35 votes)
  5. Kryptonite (30 votes)
  6. Karma (29 votes)
  7. K (23 votes)
  8. King (20 votes)
  9. Kratos (19 votes)
  10. Kaleidoscope (17 votes)

We have shortly discussed the most suggested names internally and quickly came to the unanimous conclusion we wish to respect the decision of our users.

So without further ado, it is our pleasure to announce the name of Kodi 17 will be:


On behalf of Team Kodi, i wish you a very Happy New-Year!
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Haha. Awesome.
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Thats super man :-D
(2015-12-31, 22:11)steviex Wrote: Thats super man :-D
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
good idea, then i had it first at the news xD
Fantastic name guys! The Kommunity made the right decision Wink

Well, I really like Krypton and without further ado, happy New Year everyone!
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(2016-01-01, 07:50)Tinwarble Wrote: Image
Great !
If I have helped you or increased your knowledge, click the 'thumbs up' button to give thanks :) (People with less than 20 posts won't see the "thumbs up" button.)
Love it!!!
well kinda late now ^_^ KontakT
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Announcement - Kodi 17 codename: Krypton0
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