Feature Request - Add-on for Ondemandkorea.com

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donsun Offline
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Requesting add-on for Ondemandkorea.com

I know there was one previously created, but it doesn't work with the most recent versions of Kodi. Not sure if it's due to new design of the ondemandkorea site or just conformance issues with new Kodi:

If I was any savvy with coding, I'd try to edit it myself, but no luck Sad

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Sunshower Offline
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Anyone can help on this add-on?
I'm really seeking this ondemandkorea add-on for a long time.

The latest add-on can be found in link below

I can load ondeamndkorea without problem, but I can't load the VODs in it.
It keeps to give me an error "Check the log."
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i3un9 Offline
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I'm having the same problem.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Djungelurban Offline
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While I loathe to necromance an old topic, I've got the same problem and I would appreciate if someone with knowledge could at the very least explain why things aren't working.
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allbuss Offline
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How do I get English subtitles in the addon?
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