OE/Pi 2 NFS mount causing instability
(2015-07-24, 02:21)username145 Wrote: though there was no VDR service addon available in the repo on that build, had to downgrade in order to get it.

The VDR PVR backend service is there but hidden in my build (disable "Hide incompatible" in blade menu to see it) because it's considered incompatible. It's incompatible because it depends on the PVR VDR VNSI client add-on, and the upstream (online) version of the PVR VDR VNSI add-on has a dependency on xbmc.pvr v1.9.6 when Kodi 16 ships with xbmc.pvr v2.1.0.

It's frustrating, as my build already includes a perfectly good and up-to-date version of the PVR VDR VNSI add-on, and I'm not sure why the older upstream add-on takes precedence over the newer and already installed add-on.

Downgrading to Kodi 15, installing the backend and then upgrading to Kodi 16 is probably the best solution for now.
Manually downloading the vdr-addon and installing from a zip file will work: RPi / RPi2.
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(2015-07-24, 02:21)username145 Wrote: Think this will make it into the upcoming OE release?

Both fixes are marked as requiring a backport to Isengard (but haven't been merged yet).
So, yes the fixes will make it into Isengard. It's not clear if they will be in initial OE Isengard release, or the "15.1" update.
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OE/Pi 2 NFS mount causing instability00