FilmOn PVR - Some channels not playing
I just upgraded to the Kodi 15.0 official release. I'm excited to see the FilmOn PVR addon! In my experimentation, when it works, it works really well. But for many channels (I'd guess about half of them), they just won't play. I get the "Working" notification for a fraction of a second, and then nothing. This is with a free FilmOn account, not paid, and with Linux Mint 17.2 (if that matters). These are all the channels marked "Free" on the FilmOn website, and they play on their website. Just not in the PVR addon. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
Some additional information: It seems that the list of working vs. non-working channels changes over time. Now, some channels that worked yesterday don't work today, and vice versa.
There is no option on the PVR to set SD and it appears that it defaults to HD. Those of us that just use the FREE SD option can't use channels that are not free to stream in HD. Please add an option to default to SD streams. Thanks!
I don't get any channels at all can someone help me please!!!
yep channels play through filmon addon but do not start from filmon pvr
Have you added the channels as favourites on the filmon website?
(2015-08-18, 17:02)Verderer Wrote: Have you added the channels as favourites on the filmon website?

yes, but addon picks hd version of stream by default and since i'm using the free filmon account, the streaming stops after 3 minutes..
this patch should allow user to pick whether to use hd or sd by default..
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