New Kodi/Plex Server Intel 5820 HTPC Build
(2016-03-25, 00:20)Jason.Bourne Wrote:
(2015-10-14, 08:18)skylarking Wrote: Your $1900 of hardware costs pails in comparison to the $15,800 that your BD/DVD disks must have cost (assuming $5 per DB/DVD which is a rather conservative estimate) Laugh

And considering just your movies, assuming a 90 minute average, thats 4740 hours of viewing pleasure or just over 1/2 year of 24x7 viewing.
Put another way, that's watching two films each and every day for more than 4 years which doesn't leave much time for socializing away from the screen Huh

Guess it will come in handy when zombies finally take over the world or your the last survivor after a virus or some cancer cure wipes out most of the human race since there wont be much else to do Tongue

Hahahahahahaha...actually you hit the nail on the head...that is the plan to survive a zombie apocalypse and not go stir crazy from boredom lol...jk, but you are right the collection did cost a whopping amount...your $15800 estimate is very very very conservative indeed. Which is why i have started investing in a reliable backup strategy.
Yes my post was meant in jest but i wasn't sure the joke was received that way when i made it so long ago Blush
Glad you found it ammusing Big Grin

Like you, my BD collection keeps growing, and i don't even want to think how much i've spent.
My issue now is that the time taken to re-rip my collection means that the disks themselves can no longer be considered a backup. So i need some better backup solution since re-ripping will take so so long Confused

What is your ripping and backup strategy?
Do you re-encode your rips to H.265 and use tape as your backup medium?
I'm a XBMC novice :)

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