Chromebox woes deinterlacing Live TV
Over the past few months, I have been having tons of issues watching live TV on my Chromebox setup that are related to deinterlace settings. I have tried pretty much every method (MCDI, MADI, Bob, etc.). I have disabled VAAPI and used software methods to no avail.

The most obvious issue is that when a show goes to a commercial, I get what looks like a strobe effect - a rapid flashing of the picture. Often this leads to a crash and Kodi restarts. It does not happen with all commercials - I believe only those that are being broadcast at 24fps (I have enabled debug and looked for patterns in that output).

I have searched around these forums as well as OpenElec, google searches, etc. and not really found anything that appears related. I am surprised I haven't found others experiencing the issue. Maybe my search skills are slipping.

I have encountered the same issues on both the last stable Helix release (14.2) as well as Isengard RC2. There did not seem to be any difference between the two with regard to my issues.

Anyone else experiencing these issues or have any guidance?
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Chromebox woes deinterlacing Live TV00
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