SPMC rklibstagefright does not work with TVHeadend Client
Hi, I bought 5 units of minix X7 mini, and have been trying to make it work correctly with SPMC (isengard final) + TVHeadend HTSP Client v2.18 + rklibstagefright hardware acceleration, but I can't get any video on Live TV content (only audio works).

If I play a video from PleXBMC (for example) with rklibstagefright turned on it works correctly, also if I turn rklibstagefright off and play a LiveTV/TVHeadend channel it works, but video becomes crappy since the only available deinterlace methods are BOB / BOB - INVERTED, while other methods are much better and only available if I disable all hardware acceleration or use rklibstagefright.

But disabling all hardware acceleration makes playing movies (eg. PlexBMC) unusable switching on and off is not user friendly.

I've already tried the official firmware 011, community firmware 240 and wasser firmware 1.0.4.

I've also edited the build.prop on all of the above firmwares to include:

None of them worked, I simply can't make TVHeadend HTSP Client work correctly with rklibstagefright

I would really appreciate if someone could help me make this work correctly, as only SPMC offers rklibstagefright and I'm sure there must be a way to make this work, I can provide credentials for my TVHeadend server for testing purposes.

I think my problem is similar to this thread:


Here are my log files:



Thanks in advance.

I have a feeling both this and the issue in the other thread you linked is related to the video acceleration on this device and not tvheadend or its addon. You should probably file a bug report for SPMC if you are not able to reproduce with vanilla Kodi.
Hi negge, thanks for replying.

Yes I can reproduce with vanilla Kodi, I have the exact same problem with it, but SPMC has the rklibstagefright acceleration option that makes the deinterlace problem go away on other RK devices (if I'm not mistaken).

Now let's say I give up using rklibstagefright and use vanilla Kodi + mediacodec acceleration, is there a way to use other deinterlace method besides BOB in tvh client?

Or is there any other workaround to make the interlace stripes go away on TVH Live TV streams? (please check the linked pictures, was taken using vanilla kodi + mediacodec on a Minix X7)

I don't have this problem with Amazon FireTV or Rasperry Pi / Pi2 using this codec.

EDIT: I do have the same problem with Amazon FireTV, but not on Rasperry Pi / Pi2 since those devices have MMAL deinterlacing.



Best Regards,


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SPMC rklibstagefright does not work with TVHeadend Client0
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