Bug TMM not reading "watched" flag from NFO files?
Hello TMM staff,

I read through a few threads regarding NFO files and I know you guys are working through a few bugs that will be fixed in version 2.7 (?), but I wonder if this is covered in the fix:

When you watch an episode/movie on Emby for Kodi or Emby (web), it will set the "watched" flag to "true". However, when you open up that same movie/episode it shows as "unwatched" unless you manually set the watched flag through TMM.

Does TMM not scan the NFO file for changes in the "watched" flag?

Dunno about Emby, but Kodi usually keeps this information in it's own database, NOT writing this back to the NFOs (only on export)
To sync this with TMM, we have the trakt.tv integration in TMM (which is also available for Kodi)

Please check, if Emby updates the NFO (there should be a correct watched/playcount entry), then TMM reads this...
But ONLY, if the movie is not yet in database! (same as Kodi) - since we never can be sure, if you updated this flag outside of TMM, or set it to false within TMM....

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Hi Myron,

Thanks for the response.

Only after numerous trials and many hours of pulling my hair out did I realize that Kodi wasn't updating the NFO, and that it keeps its own DB. I guess I knew this subconsciously b/c I've used Kodi for years without any client/server plugins like "Emby for Kodi" or "PleXBMC". Also, it does not read the NFO file again after initial scrape, unless you force it to do so. However, when using Emby for Kodi (plugin), I need my client (Kodi) to tell the server (Emby) that media should be marked as "watched" so my user experience is the same across all clients (e.g. not watched on one client, watched on the other). "Emby for Kodi" will do this, but only if you ONLY use the plugin library modules, and NOT the local TV and Movie hubs native to Kodi. I found this out the hard way...I would watch some stuff through the Kodi TV hub and things like movies through the Emby for Kodi plugin folder (basically a pointer to my server). I couldn't figure out why TV episodes would not stay "watched" but movies would. The other issue I had that was compounding the first, was that I had Sonarr set to download "Series Metadata" and "Episode Metadata" in the Emby and Kodi formats. I thought this only applied to the initial download of the show/episode, but what I found out was that during Sonarr's nightly refresh, it would overwrite the existing NFO file, thereby wiping out the "watched" flag...ARGH! Another setting on Sonarr that I think was causing issues was related to File Management. Sonarr renames the files according to my settings but with "Change File Date" set to "Local Air Date", I believe it was AGAIN overwriting my NFO files and killing my watched flag. Neither of these issues are relevant to TMM, but I'm asking the question about TMM because I noticed while troubleshooting that TMM is not READING an updated NFO file. I was using TMM to rewrite the NFO files so that I could have a baseline for testing Emby, Sonarr, and Kodi. I got so frustrated that I was close to abandoning TMM altogether, setting Sonarr to download ONLY the media file (no metadata or art), and using Emby alone for file management, metadata, and art. But I really like TMM, and there are features in TMM that don't exist in Emby, such as the ability to batch edit (especially NFO files), so don't worry, I'm not giving up just yet...

So, after all that...yes, Emby updates the NFO file directly. I have verified this directly. Couple of questions regarding TMM:

1. Does TMM read the NFO files during a source update (e.g. pull in the watched flag)?

If not, can this be added to the feature request list? Like an on/off switch for those that don't want it to read the watched flag from the NFO file?
Taken a step further, you could allow the user to set the "master owner" of each field (watched flag, title, plot, etc.) so that, upon update, if TMM notices a change to a field that it "owns", it can overwrite it with data in the database, and for things that have changed that it doesn't own (e.g. watched flag set by Emby), it can change the database to match the new value. This ability would allow the user to maintain full control of his/her metadata/art while still using the best features of other software (e.g. Emby, Sonarr, Couchpotato).

Having the the TMM database reflect what is stored in the NFO file, and the related art stored in the same folder, would also provide a great baseline for what media SHOULD look like on the client.

2. Apart from "Rewrite NFO for selected TV Show(s)", "Rewrite NFO for selected TV Episode(s)", and the initial scrape of new items, when does TMM edit the NFO file?

Lastly, please don't take my questions & suggestions as complaints...I love TMM. I use it every day and I think it's a great tool...but after going through this ordeal, "total control" is near and dear to my heart.

1) yes, it does, but only if the movie is not existent in DB. We don't do an "update" from NFO here.
Basically, because TMM is designed to be small and simple, and defining of "master owners" for every metadata is kinda unmanageable/-configureable.
So for the watched flag, we use trakt.tv, which can sync just these things pretty well....

2) on every change to relevant metadata, we automatically rewrite the NFO (eg after scraping); and on pressing OK in edit screen.
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To be honest i also would like to see something like a menu button in the Tools section which says: "Update watched state from NFO".

I have my Media completely organized in my Kodi MySQL DB. Once a week the server automatically exports this DB to NFO Files, refreshing the watched state.
I would like to easily import these changes to TMM with to delete all films (or the whole TMM DB).

I know i can synchronize with trakt.tv, but to be honest i dont want to. I do not want to depend on such an online service. I did that on Mediaportal with follw.it and from one day to another they shut the service down, and the switch to trakt 2.0 also was not easy and really buggy.

So please think about adding such a feature.
I've added this to our (long) list of feature requests...
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