"loading..." (busy/activity/progress indicator)
fyi, there is already an official feature request for this on sourceforge.net here => "show feedback, like a dialog or activity symbol (link)"
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this would be a great thing to have added
how about a little feature to display an hour glass type of thing when xbmc is waiting for something, like browsing directories, as this would be handy for those on wireless and the extra time delay it takes to load an iso file for example. as sometimes it seems nothing is happening, or xbmc seems stopped. so such a feature would be a nice gui display i believe.

it doesn't have to be an hour glass of course, maybe a small popup "please wait..." would do it just nicely
i see that we have progress bars when buffering video now, great work!

my xbox is on a slow wireless network link, and all media is accessed from a samba share on a netbsd box. earlier i didn't know if
- the signal from the remote actually got through, or
- xbmc crashed, or
- the video actually pre-buffering, or
- the video file was corrupt

now, there's still one place where a progress bar / hour glass is needed. as my shares are on this slow network link, fetching large directories takes awhile. again, i don't know if the signal from the remote actually got through etc.

has anyone thought of implementing an hour glass when parsing networked directories? is it feasible? it could be as "easy" as:

instead of
select item --> fetch directory --> display directory
select item --> blinksomething() --> fetch directory --> display directory

.. but i guess it's usually far more involved programming a feature than describing it.
noone else has this problem? i still never quite know whether the remote keypress to access my mp3 directory (which really takes awhile to scan) has come through or not...
i know xbmc is currently in a feature freeze, but this seems more like a finishing touch than a new feature imo.

it would be nice if xbmc would display a progress bar or something while loading a file (especially a dvd).  i constantly get about a 4-5 second pause between selecting a movie and the start of playback.  the pause itself isn't much of a problem, but it would seem much more polished if it there was something to indicate that xbmc was wokring and not just hanging.

whenever i have friends and family over and they are playing around with my videos in xbmc they always think something is wrong because they click on a movie and nothing happens for a few.  sometimes they start clicking a bunch of different buttons thinking they have done something wrong and i have seen an instance or two where it caused xbmc to lockup.  i don't fault xbmc for locking up in that scenario, but some sort of "file loading" indicator would all but eliminate the confusion and make things seem more responsive.

just my $0.02!


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