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Python and MythTV (a MythTV Front-End)
i just saw your message today... haven't read the board for a few days.

which version of xbmc are you using? i have no idea why you have to copy everything into the same file to get it all to work... if you are using the same version as i am, then it doesn't really make sense why it isn't working.

did you ftp the files into the correct location? gui.py, smb.py, nmb.py, mysql.py, simplexml.py, mytvcfg.py should be in <xbmc_home>/python/lib but mytv.py and mytvsettings.py should be in the <xbmc_home>/scripts dir.

if you can't play the .nuv files over a smb share then obviously mytv.py won't work either. did you try playing a ringbuf.nuv file or an actual recorded program (e.g. 1014_20040414213000_20040414220000.nuv file)?

which tuner card do you have? i am using a hauppauge ntsc pvr250 and i record in mpeg2 format at 480x480. 720x480 also worked for me. i haven't tried rtjpeg or mpeg4 because i don't want to use extra cpu cycles transcoding.

which version of mythtv are you using? i am running version 0.14 compiled from a tar ball with no problems...
i'm using more or less the current version of xbmc (tried a few versions...)

about the .nuv files - i just got a wintv pvr 250 and it works. seems that xbmc is only supporting mpeg2 .nuv files.

about the library problem - i tried almost everything. i have no idea what's going wrong. i can load libraries from xbmc, but i have no access to your stuff. at one point i had the 0.2pre3 version working with library support - then i just copied the 0.2pre4 version over it and since then nothing is working again.

i want to play around with your python files (i'm pretty new to phyton). so if i will code something, i will just go with the big file solution..... will be on vacation next week anyways, so it might take some time - maybe till then i found out how to use libraries.....

have you started something with livetv yet?
is this still in the works coz the links are dead (or i'm trying to download from the wrong place Sad )
i was thinking of setting up a mythtv box and if development of this addon is still goin well i probably will  :d
(workshed @ april 21 2004,20:14 Wrote:is this still in the works coz the links are dead (or i'm trying to download from the wrong place Sad )
i was thinking of setting up a mythtv box and if development of this addon is still goin well i probably will  :d
still works for me. are you downloading from http://changeling.ixionstudios.com/xbmc/?
(workshed @ april 21 2004,13:14 Wrote:is this still in the works coz the links are dead (or i'm trying to download from the wrong place Sad )
i was thinking of setting up a mythtv box and if development of this addon is still goin well i probably will :d
the link jswu posted is still valid and will probably be valid for a while.

development was just recently started on this and i intend to continue working on it over time.
(mcfennek @ april 21 2004,08:40 Wrote:have you started something with livetv yet?
i have been able to watch live tv through xbmc. the way i did this was to create a symbolic link to /dev/video0 in the myth recorded show directory (the dir that is shared over samba to xbmc). then i launched the xbmc player on that link. the drawbacks with this are:

- the player steals all input events while it is active
- as a result channel switching had to be done through a pc
- no on screen display to show channel number, show info, etc. like the myth front end

if someone added a python callback to the xbmc player, it might be possible to build channel switching into live tv. i was thinking of a calback where a return value of 0 indicates that the event was consumed by the python script and a value of 1 indicates that the player should process the event as normal. this would allow the python script to trap certain input events and pass other events on to the player. (comments darkie?)

in order to do custom osd, maybe an api to the player's subtitles capabilities could be used. i don't know enough of the internals of the player to know if this would work or not...

streamed playback would be the best approach for doing this so that the myth protocol could be used but is a magnitude more difficult to implement (if i was guessing). not to mention it would be very specific to myth so i don't think it would be something that would be high on the xbmc developers' list.
for some reason i cannot access the link! i get the standard "the page cannot be displayed" error.
i just put together a new cut of xbmc mythtv from the cvs repository. you can grab it from the usual link http://changeling.ixionstudios.com/xbmc/.
are you able to use this to schedule recordings at this point, and not just play back?

this is an awesome project,
i hope it can become a full blown mythtv client, integrated into xbmc,
so i can access my games, dvd's, pics, music,
all from one backend, via xbox client for any tv,
or any mythtv client...
truly amazing. i have my nexus-s card on order, and am downloading knoppixmyttvas i type. for those that don't know, nexus-s gets you any of the free to air, or dvb-s channels that are broadcast without having to subscribe to diretv, or dish, see listing here
recorded show viewing/managing, tv guide, and status are implemented. scheduling is being worked on as we speak... it won't be long now. Smile
i'm having trouble with the 5/3 cvs build of xbmc using the 0.6 version of the mythtv scripts. i can run the settings script fine but when i access 'my tv' xbmp just hangs.

any suggestions?

is there any logging that can/is done anywhere? i didn't see anything in the xbmc standard log.

looking forward to seeing this work!

i had problems as well when i tried the 5/3 build. even this script caused xbmc to hang:

Quote:import traceback, xbmcgui

dlg = xbmcgui.dialog()
dlg.ok( "info", "hello world" )
del dlg

so i reverted back to the 4/27 build and everything seemed to work fine after i deleted the tdata directory for xbmc. i didn't try deleting the dir when i tried the 5/3 build so maybe that's why it was hanging. i've been meaning to try a newer build but haven't gotten around to it...
from bugs.txt
- 07-05-2004 fixed: creating dialogs with python crashes xbmc

and that is exactly the problem you're seeing Smile .
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Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
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don't know what's wrong with my setup. i deleted the tdata directory. i tried 5/08 and 5/09 cvs builds but when i click on the setup script, it says running and then it goes away and nothing happens. i don't have the my tv icon either. i had an old february cvs version on it before that i deleted. any ideas? thanks.


edit: found i have to install python.
hey! great job. i just tried xbmc_mythtv 0.7 on a 2004-05-09 build of xbmc.

i have tried viewing the recorded shows, playing shows, saving and deleting shows. all works great!

i did find a possible bug. if i select a show from my remote control and select it again before the show details screen comes up, i get an "invalid literal for init(): ok" error. after that happens, i get errors for anything that i select.
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