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Python and MythTV (a MythTV Front-End)
did you see this to install a proper mythtv frontend onto xbox :-


i tried but had a lot of problems, i also found out that xebian doesn't seem to launch properly from xbmc (would just hang or power off xbox), i had to go into evox then launch it from there! (latest xbmc 19 jan 2006). i found a preinstalled myth-xbox on bittorrent and used that instead, but still had to spend a day reading & configuring to coax it to work. linux won't boot with my x2vga hidef pack attached though Sad (even at 640p).


regarding xbmc mythtv ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/xbmcmythtv/ )

i found it easier to run mythtv-setup on backend machine (from xterm) and configure it to use /myth/cache for ringbuffer rather than add another samba share just for the /cache/cache knoppmyth default. first you must run xterm on backend machine, login as root, create the folder then run mythtv-setup thus

# mkdir /myth/cache
# chmod 775 /myth/cache
# chown mythtv:mythtv /myth/cache
# mythtv-setup

leave card settings alone on both dialogs, go into general settings, 2nd page, and set "directory to hold the live-tv buffers:" to /myth/cache. press next til you get to finish, then esc and do # reboot to reboot backend machine

xbmc myth uses scripts so is not as good as a proper myth front end but a hell lot more convenient and 100x easier to set up. you may find it awkward to install as helpfile is confusing. here's my xbmc/scripts/xbmcmythtv/settings.xml if you get stuck. (search/replace with ip of your mythtv backend machine (not xbox ip!Wink) then ftp over to your xbox.

Quote:<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<paths_recordedprefix>smb://mythtv:[email protected]/myth/tv</paths_recordedprefix>
<paths_livetvprefix>smb://mythtv:[email protected]/myth/cache</paths_livetvprefix>

note current version does not support .22 of knoppmyth (svn) but does support .30 and higher. ironically .22 has a newer version of mythtv than .30 .

you also need to ssh to the mythbackend machine, login as root then comment out skip-networking in /etc/mysql/my.cnf (add a # before it so it = #skip-networking) .

then ensure samba is running on backend machine by doing

# /etc/init.d/samba start
# update-rc.d samba defaults

(2nd line makes it run every time)

now back over to the xbox. on xbmc go to settings | system |cache) and set video cache ! local network = 1024kb. now you can run the xbmc mythtv script, run test in setup (to check it passes config test then hopefully watch livetv/recordings etc. if it doesn't work check through all this again, check ip addr of backend and other stuff is correct in xbmc-myth settings.xml file etc, check backend is working properly itself with frontend on its own machine)

notes :
> no sound while watching livetv = menu | audio and check "audio stream" is set to 1

> video jaggy (very noticeable on football) = go into menu | video settings | interlaced handling = deinterlace (or try auto)

note: when you change menu settings it may close the video down, in which case press back then go into livetv again, as sometimes you just get weird error messages after this if you just reselect the channel.

> press select / x-button on remote to select a new channel without closing current one. from here you can also press b twice to get to front menu so you have tv running in background while doing other stuff on xbmc, pretty cool! to get back to full video,  press x-button. you'll have to re-run the script though to chnage channels etc. you may not then be able to play livetv as backend thinks its already playing, just play a 'recorded show', exit then try again. if it still doesn't work, you'll have to tsh to the backend machine, login as root and do # /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend restart

initially i wasn't too impressed with xbmc-myth but the fact it integrates into xbmc and is soo much easier and more convenient than trying to run a full bloated mythtv front-end on xbox makes me think it has a lot of potential. it deserves a mytv icon on the main screen!

off to read up on python...

to those running the mythtv script for xbmc, how quick are channel changes?

i have a dvb card in my windows computer and i've used mytheatre along with avbroadcaster and the mytheatre python script to bring live tv to xbmc but it was horribly slow on channel changes. most of the time, when it would actually change the channel, it would take almost 5 minutes to do so.
5 minutes?!!!!
in mine takes only like 5 seconds to 7 seconds to change the channel and reopen the stream .., whatexactly are u using.., change the cache in xbmc to make it faster..
2 years? blimey... oh well... *dons dog collar and prepares to resurect* Shocked

XBMCMYTHTV with MythTV 0.20.2 (on Ubuntu)

What you need:

Ubuntu 7.04 (presumably 7.10 too), it'll prolly work on other distros other than a couple files being in diff. places.
MythTV 0.20.2 (latest stable release from repos or mythbuntu's 0.20.2-fixes), not tested with svn just yet but i will...
XBMC (only tested with tech's 13th Jan 08 release)
xbmcmythtv (only tested with the last xbmcmythtv-0.20.34b release).

Pre Setup:

NOTE: if you have problems editing files, run "sudo nautilus" in terminal and open files in there.

Obviously a working xbmc setup and mythtv setup with externally accessible backend / samba shares.

For mythtv, backend setup > general > 1st page, IP address and Master Server IP address both need to be your eth lan IP, probably 192.168.X.X or whatever you have. / localhost are no good.

Samba, install the samba package from repo, then right click your recordings directory (same one as in backend setup > general > page 2) and hit "Share folder". Then open /etc/samba/smb.conf and change "security = user" to "security = share" and add "force user = nobody" and "force group = nogroup" to the end of your directory share entry; it'll look a little like this:

path = /mythtv/ubuntu704
available = yes
browsable = yes
public = yes
writable = no
force user = nobody
force group = nogroup

you may not need to do that, i was just trying to avoid any password confusion in xbmc.


If you don't do this, you'll get a mysql "conn" error when you try setup xbmc, so, as detailed further on this page: http://www.teirney.net/blog/2007/04/30/g...-fawn-704/

Open /etc/mysql/my.cnf, uncomment bind-address and change the stuff after = to your eth lan IP address mentioned above.

now login to mysql in a terminal with "mysql -r root -p" you probably just have to hit enter when it asks for password. type the following:

SET PASSWORD for mythtv = OLD_PASSWORD('mythtv');

but change the final mythtv (in commas) to your mysql myth password, which you can find in myth fronted > setup > setup > general > password.


check that you can access your samba shares through the video section first (you'll have to add it by browsing smb shares). open a file or two to make sure, though you should only have some if you have recordings saved.

ftp the xbmcmythtv folder to E:/Dashboard/scripts, then open it from the scripts section in xbmc. the settings screen should run automatically. change the mythtv host and mysql host ips to your eth lan IP as above, change protocol to 15, minimum live buffer size to 786482, your mysql password to the same as used above, and recorded and live path to smb://YOUR.IP//YOUR_REC_FOLDER filling in the obvious blanks. then test and it should hopefully work. the final settings.xml file created under E:/Dashboard/scripts/xbmcmythtv should look a little like this:























<recorded_default_group>All Groups</recorded_default_group></mythtv>

And that's it. You might wanna use Bob interlace settings for playback if you're using a regular CRT (check that it outputs 50fps not 25fps) to stop it looking all jerky.
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Python and MythTV (a MythTV Front-End)00