Issues with correct display, especially 4:3 programmes
With my TV it automaticallly switches display mode between 4:3 (with bars either side) and 16:9 when switching between a 4:3 programme and the adverts.

With OE/TVh, for those programmes that are 16:9, they seem to look OK with the View Mode set to Stretch 16:9. Certainly Original or Normal aren't right.

However none of the View modes seem suitable for 4:3 programmes. There's nothing that will display them with bars either side and the available modes all look wrong to me, with things (especially noticeable with people) looking too wide or distorted.

Even if there was a suitable mode, it's obviously not very user-friendly to have to keep having to bring up the OSD and go to the Video settings to change the View Mode depending on what programme you're watching and the adverts which are 16:9 would then look wrong.

Another issue is that the View Mode applies to all video, so if it's set to default to Stretch 16:9 to work with most TV programmes, that's probably going to be wrong for playing videos/movies.

So is there any way to a) add a View Mode suitable for 4:3 programmes with the bars either side, b) have TVh automatically detect and switch between modes like my TV does and c) make the LiveTV View Mode(s) separate from the general Video settings?

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Issues with correct display, especially 4:3 programmes0
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