Extract language information from file name
I have a movie collection that is predominantly analysis made of avi files (some mkv). Over the years I have manually "coded" some information in the file names, something like: Title (language-subtitles, year, director); for example: schindler's list (en-sp, 1993, spielberg).avi *or* la lista de schindler (sp, 1993, spielberg).avi

Is there a way to use that information as a guide when scraping? - I am specially interested in the language information: many films have the same name in Spanish and English, that is the only reference I have to the specific version: crash (en,
2004, haggis).avi *vs* crash (es, 2004, haggis).avi

I would like to be able to scrape the information for each specific language version based on those file names, as approximately half of my library is made up of English language films, half of Spanish language ones.

I am using Kodi.

Thanks in advance.
multiple versions of the same movie are always hard to handle .|
How do you currently handle this information inside Kodi?

We in TMM currently do not have such "file templates" where we could parse such structures, i'm sorry...
tinyMediaManager - THE media manager of your choice :)
Wanna help translate TMM ?
Kodi (movie scraper) manages more or less adequately multiple versions when thay have a different name (an English and a Spanish name), as all my files have the name of the corresponding version. But when it comes to repeated names it just doesn't. Even worse: I lose the "visual information" of the language that is embedded in the filename. For Kodo both [crash (en, 2004, haggis).avi] *and* [crash (es, 2004, haggis).avi] are the same movie: Crash, and probably in English.

It is also true that I do not have multiple versions of the same movie, just of a few. My main ionterest was trying to "extract" the soundtrack language from the filename.

There is an alternative: I could separate files in two different folders using the filename information - simple enough with an adequate tool: those that contain "(en" would go to an "English" folder, and thos that contain "(es)" to a "Spanish" folder, and then run a scraper separately in each one of them with different default settings. That is the solution I am using (provisionally?) for my TV series (in this case I separated them manually), and it works. But it is not "elegant enough" for my taste, if you know what I mean

Thank you in any case. If I can think of something I'll let you know.
I am doing somehow the same you are; i have the same movie in different languages and in some cases with two languages at the same time and the information o the language is in the filename.

the way i handle this is having the movies in different folders based on the language and add this as different datasources. When I scrape, i change the language of the scrapping to have always the plot in the language the movie is in, but thats personal preference. To set the language properly i just filter in TMM by Datasource and then i do a bulk edit of the Language field.

The way i handle this in kodi depends on the skin, kodi imports the language info from the .nfo file and stores properly in the database, so
-You may have a skin that supports language flags icons on the extended info
-You can create smart playlist based on the language tag or in the path
-You can simply browse the Files based on directory

Hope it helps
(2015-08-25, 11:43)emilio.moreno Wrote: -You may have a skin that supports language flags icons on the extended info

Do you happen to know of any? I would love to hear! Nod

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