BUG - Out of sync audio/video live tv

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SeƱorRita Offline
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Hi there!

I'm finally done setting up my Raspberry Pi for live tv. There's just one little problem, some channels are out of sync.
This problem only occurs on some Dutch-based Viacom channels in HD (e.g. Comedy Central HD, Nickelodeon HD), but strangely not on MTV HD and MTV Live HD.
I provided a capture file of Comedy Central HD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/36qxwsjp0iw9oe...re.ts?dl=0
The file plays just fine with VLC on my desktop.
Maybe someone could take a look at it and see if there's a bug.

Extra information:
Model: RP2
Build: 5.95.3
PVR add-on: Tvheadend
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popcornmix Offline
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Can you try with the nearly Isengard build?
The audio/video sync seemed okay to me.
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gmaza Offline
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Is the bug still here?
I have the same problem!
Have a look at this thread please:
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