Expert File Naming Variables (e.g. <seasonpath>, <filename>, etc)
Is there a reference for the variables that can be used in the Expert Settings for file naming?

Specifically I would like to know if there is an option for naming TV Show art in a format like <show>-fanart.jpg as was available in EMM 1.3, but a list of all available options would be nice.

The ones I know of and have been able to successfully use with TV Shows are:

<seasonpath> which inserts the season folder (e.g. season 05)

season{x} where x is the digits to pad the season (e.g. season{2} is season05, season{4} is season0005)

<filename> which inserts the filename excluding the extension (e.g. Game of Thrones - S02E03). This only works for Episode, not TV Show, All Seasons, or Season
No, there is no list. I'll catch up soon.
MovieSets, TV Seasons and TV Shows has no video files, so we can't use <filename>.

Here are the available variables:

Movie video file name without extension. You can additionally enable Stack <filename> to stack file names like "Avatar.CD1" to "Avatar" (Kodi default for multi disks).

Tabs in Movie Expert Settings:
Single will be use for movies that are tagged as Movies are in separarte folders by source settings.
Multi will be used for movies that are not tagged as Movies are in separarte folders by source settings (all movie are in a common folder).
VIDEO_TS is for movies with VIDEO_TS file structure.
BDMV is for movies with BDMV file structure.

The name of the MovieSet

TV Shows:
no special values

TV Seasons:
An attempt is made to identify an existing Season directory. To identify a regex is used. The regex used are:

The Regex can't be changed in Settings, so "Staffel" (german word for Season) does not work.

Will be replaced with season number, the digit inside the brace define the quantity to pad the season number. Example for images of Season 5:

Season{0}-banner.jpg = Season5-banner.jpg
season{1}-banner.jpg = season5-banner.jpg
Staffel {2} Banner.jpg = Staffel 05 Banner.jpg
SeasonBanner{3}.jpg = SeasonBanner005.jpg

TV Episodes:
Episode video file name without extension.
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Thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply.

So just to verify, there is no way to do <show>-fanart.jpg for TV shows currently, correct?
(2015-08-24, 17:14)knossos21 Wrote: Thanks for the quick and comprehensive reply.

So just to verify, there is no way to do <show>-fanart.jpg for TV shows currently, correct?

Nope. But I can add <showname> if you add a request in our bug tracker.
I noticed you denied the <showname> feature request saying:
Quote:it's not possible because it is not yet known when importing. We can't search an NFO by TV Show Title if we don't know the title before we have read the NFO.

I'm not sure if I understand the problem, since it's functionality from Ember that I am hoping to get back. Maybe my request was misunderstood. The point is not to use it to search for the series, but to use the TV show's name to save metadata for Fanart, Banners, etc.

Once again I would like to thank you for all your hard work on Ember, it's definitely appreciated.
Yes, but the problem is that we don't know the tv show name if we add a tv show folder at the first time. So we can't search for a "family guy.nfo" if we don't know that the tv show is called "Family Guy".
I can't remember that this was an feature of

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Expert File Naming Variables (e.g. <seasonpath>, <filename>, etc)1
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