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I'm trying to setup a profile for a guest but I can't get it to function properly. No matter what I do the new profile shares the watched status with the master profile as well as displaying all my media even though I said to start fresh on sources. I lost my entire watched status as a consequence when I was fiddling with the new profile. How do I setup a separate profile with separate watched status? Does it have anything to do with the fact that I use a mysql server to manage my watched status between HTPC's? If so, how can I fix it to be profile specific? If not, what is the problem?
Maybe possibly use a second shortcut in portable mode for your guest? That should keep all data separate from your normal settings. I have never played with the profiles so can only offer guesses.
Don't use MySQL on the second profile.
How do I not use it? I never set it up for the new profile, it was already present. Besides, I want that profile to share its watched status between HTPC's like the master profile. Just not share with the master profile.
Sounds like you want it set up the same way, but with a different name for the databases?
Use the <name> tag to make a different database, as noted on the wiki: MySQL (wiki)
The wiki is extremely vague in that regard. Where exactly do I put the <name> tag in the advancedsettings.xml file, and how will I ensure my current database will still be usable with my main profile? The wiki didn't say anything about that.

Section 6.
I know, I read that. It didn't say what will happen to my current database. It didn't say where to place the name tags. Do I need to put multiple name tags for multiple profiles? how will each profile know which database to use? The wiki explained none of that. This is information I need to know before proceeding and screwing up everything again.
You put the <name> tag within the <videodatabase> tag, along side the IP, username, password, etc. You only add the name tag for the second profile. That will create an entirely new/blank MySQL DB.

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