v15 [solved] local playback freeze

I am not sure what has happened - but here are my symptoms (all involve playback of local video files on ubuntu 14.10):

Kodi 15.0 - every idk 10th video i would play would get shoved in the in the background (could hear the sound) but only the main menu screen would show. I worked around this by selecting the same video to play (again could tell both instances were playing at the same time due to the sound). then i would "alt+f4" the second instance and the original video would be there full screen. This was annoying but w/e it didnt happen all that often.

Kodi 15.1 - every file i try to play back plays the first 2-5 secs (sound and video) and then freezes. Cant do anything. "alt+f4" doesn't work. I have to alt+tab to desktop and open terminal and then do a "top" command to get the PID of "kodi.bin" and then do "kill -9 PID" to get kodi to close.

I tried uninstalling kodi with the commands from the wiki (thinking a fresh install might fix whatever is up):
sudo apt-get remove kodi*
sudo apt-get purge kodi*

however I dont think those worked because when i try the first command "sudo apt-get remove kodi*" it shows like 10 errors of something like "error: could not regex find crashlogXXXXXXXX.log"

any help would be appreciated..currently not on or have access to the kodi machine (cpu: i5 4440/MB:MSI Z87-G41)... i plan to try and get a debug log tonight
Yupp...a Debug Log would be nice. Without that it's only guessing and that won't help you Wink
ok got home and did the debug thing... i hope this helps someone

Your debug kodi.log: http://xbmclogs.com/pzx91qxck
Your debug kodi.old.log: http://xbmclogs.com/po0eqlgw9

i still had to terminal - top -- kill -9 kodi.bin to get kodi to exit.
Great...you neither tried to play a file (reproduce your issue) nor have you enabled debug loggging in system settings, what is mentioned if you look at the link I sent you Wink

Quote:17:43:34 T:3033069376 NOTICE: Disabled debug logging due to GUI setting. Level 0.

Because of this, both logs are useless Wink
Um I did do what the link you sent me. I enabled debug logging. The box appeared on the top left of kodi screen. I then quit kodi like the link said. Reopened kodi (debug box was not there) and reproduced my error. (Play file -- terminal kill kodi.bin). Then reopened kodi again to upload the logs.

That's what the instructions said to do. I will reproduce my issue while the debug box is up and update my logs
New logs with debug overlay present during playback freeze up. again had to terminal - kill -9 kodi.bin to exit kodi. then relaunched kodi to upload logs. THANK YOU for your time and help with this!!!

Your debug kodi.log: http://xbmclogs.com/pmr5fwop2
Your debug kodi.old.log: http://xbmclogs.com/phit6vaxw
the logfile begins at: 05:42:59 and ends at 05:43:31 and I can´t see any file you played. Either I´m blind or you missed playing back any movie.

But..what I see is, you seem to use a plugin called "Genesis" and you have superrepo installed. If you are using this addon to play back any movies we can´t help you. As this is illegal and for this, not supported in this forum.

So please remove superrepo and all those banned addons: Official:Forum_rules/Banned_add-ons (wiki)

and try again with a local file.

If this works and you got a problem with genesis, then please ask for support where you get this addon from. We can´t and won´t help you for this, as it is against our Forum Rules.
Ok. I don't use those addons so I can remove them. But the entire time I am only playing back local files. I will try again tonight.
If you would have played back a local file there would be some media info for that movie and some ffmpeg things should be there in the log. Those aren´t there.

If you try again in the evening, please disable updating your database at startup before reproducing your issue. This spams the log and a short log is better to read.

Btw...what is the name of the movie/file you played?
I tried to play switched at birth - s4e11 - To Repel Ghosts

Tonight when get home i will:
1. remove all bad addons
2. disable update database at startup
3. quit kodi
4. ensure the debug box is visible
5. play a file and produce my issue
6. terminal quit kodi
7. re launch kodi to upload logs with the program addon from the wiki

sound good? Let me know if i am missing anything. Can I record this as well and send you a youtube link so you can see the problem if it doesn't show up in the logs?

at this point i feel like it might be easier to totally remove kodi and re-install it but when i tried that the "sudo apt-get remove kodi*" command gave me errors that it couldn't find crashlogs.
Well...I think I don't understand what you are trying to do....

to your points you will do...

1. is ok
2. is ok
3. whyHuh? Why do you want to quit kodi, if you want to play a file with it? If you quit Kodi, which player do you use to play the file?

the points you should do are:

1. remove all banned addons
2. enable debug logging
3. reboot/restart kodi (and don't quit it)
4. play a file with kodi and reproduce your issue and if it hangs/freezes go further to 5.
5. no need to kill kodi...switch to desktop and do the following command:

pastebinit ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log
6. provide the URL you will get after the command above


Then we will see a movie being played in the logfile. If your problem occurs outside Kodi, then you have to explain more, what you are trying to do. For now, as far as I understand correctly, you told us, that the movie you are playing with kodi stops, kodi switches to the home screen and then it hangs. But I can't see anything in the log, that you are trying to play a file with Kodi. Maybe you play a file with another player or I completely don't get you. I can't see any player opening in the log and this means to me, Kodi doesn't play back anything.

There is nothing mentioned "switched at birth - s4e11 - To Repel Ghosts" in the kodi.log. It would appear even if it hangs or freezes.
ok thanks -- i only play local videos from within kodi

What i thought i was doing at step 3.(quit kodi) was part of the debug log instructions from the wiki was to quit and restart to capture opening kodi (i see now that between my step 3 and 4 i missed typing out relaunch kodi. my mistake).

im not quite sure i understand your step 3. how to do reboot/restart kodi without closing the application and relaunching it (to me that is quitting it and reopening it) ?

Thanks for all the help --

Sorry for the miscommunication there are two separate scenarios that occur:

#1 (more frequently):
a. in kodi go to tv show or movie (local file) and play it. I get video and audio for 1-3 secs and then it freezes and i cant do anything.

#2 (way less frequently):
a. in kodi go to tv show or movie (local file) and play it. I get audio only and the video i see is of the kodi main menu screen (its like another instance of kodi was opened).
b. I can then select the same file (local again) and play it. I get audio and video (this entire time the audio of the first time i opened the file has been playing in the backgroud). I can press "alt+f4" and then get the original video and everything is fine.

I hope that makes sense
A big amount of users use Kodi on a standalone system. That means, they boot directly into Kodi. Like the way OpenELEC or Kodibuntu do it. For my steps above they mostly reboot Kodi.

As you use a desktop environment obviously, a restart of Kodi is the same as quitting and launching it again Wink. So we just misunderstood each other a bit Wink. We both mean the same and it's ok.
Followed your instructions to the best of my ability. Here is the link the pasebinit command output:


fyi i again tried to play "switched at birth - s4e11 - To Repel Ghosts" when it froze.
Quote:17:18:06 T:3033171776 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: /storage/TV/Switched at Birth/Season 4/Switched at Birth - S04E11 - To Repel Ghosts.mkv

Yeay...now we have a file played Big Grin

And we have an error:

Quote:17:18:34 T:2844822336 DEBUG: CDVDPlayer::HandlePlaySpeed - audio stream stalled, triggering re-sync
17:18:34 T:2544876352 ERROR: CDVDMsgGeneralSynchronize - timeout
17:18:35 T:2844822336 ERROR: Previous line repeats 17 times.

Could you please answer some more questions...:

1. Can you confirm it´s with other files, too?
2. Are you using confluence as the skin?
3. Does the freeze occurs every time at the same point for the file you played in the log above?
4. Have you tried to play the file with another player (VLC for example) to see, if it works fine there?

It might be senseless...but could you quit Kodi, open a terminal and enter the following:


and try to play the file above again?

This will force Kodi to use ALSA instead of Pulseaudio.
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