v15 Kodi Video Freezing after upgrade.
I've just updated my system to Kodi 15.1 after many months of stability on 14.0.

The system is a standard PC, using a Haswell CPU and onboard video, running ubuntu 14.04.

Since then i've had Kodi lock up on me in quite an odd manner a number of times.. Each time, it was playing a youtube video, i've not had a chance to try local media or do any proper debug logs, i'm posting this just now in the hope that someone will have seen the issue before.

The symptoms are the same each time, Video will start playing as normal, then after some indeterminate amount of time (1-5minutes) the video will freeze and the Audio will continue. The system is unresponsive to the remote control, and also unresponsive to the web interface/API remote.

The first time it happened, i was playing a music video. The video locked up, but i ignored it as the Audio was still playing and i wasnt really watching the video anyway. After the playback completed, the system returned to the Kodi interface and continued working as normal.

The second and third time it happened i was playing a much longer show that required the video stream, so clearly just letting it run wasnt an option. Realising it was completely unresponsive to the remote controls, i ended up killing Kodi from the terminal.

I had a quick look in the log file, and the last entry was this:

WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

I also found mention of a similar sounding issue on this link:


Which mentions a video playback issue caused by the intel video driver. I wouldnt have thought there would have been any major changes in the intel driver between 3.13.0-43 and 3.13.0-62 though.

I've followed those instructions anyway, and installed the 3.19 kernel, so need to see if that has made any difference.
We need the full Debug Log
yep figured as much, will sort it tomorrow.
Thus far this morning i cant replicate the problem. So either its just being awkward, or more likely, Kernel 3.19 fixed it.

Will update later after i've tried to watch some longer shows.
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