Skin MOD - Aeon Nox 5 - Blue TV mod [Download]

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joe90bentley Offline
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Hi also getting an error message on 16.1 and not able to go any further.
Can anyone explain how to make this active please?
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RedManMark Offline
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Post: #77
Hi Big Aero,

Have you got any updates or could you release your latest update you did pictures of?

I managed to integrate your PVR bit with Black Glass but have no idea how to get the top bar to display the channel groups so it is stuck on all channels?


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moshoodo123 Offline
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@Big Aero, please any update on this great skin?
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eddymc Offline
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looking good, got tv guide working with titan but cant figure out the OSD
my current skin Smile!Ag0tZ8qoM9rdmAkm4Av8m2NwrG8-
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HDmaniac Offline
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(2015-11-16 21:51)Big Aero Wrote:  contact me via this thread maybe?! What's up?

ps. If your looking to ask me about an update on this skin, then the answer is I've been busy and it's not finished. An update will come when it's finished.

Hey Big!

Any update on the state of the skin? Could you not post it now as is?
I have a couple of ideas to get it working on Jarvis but I'd like to use the latest version if possible.

Thanks and really great work!
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