Easily access videos
I download single episodes of anime and I was wondering if there was an easy way to easily access these files instead of clicking Videos, Files, Removable Disk and then the folder they are in.
Like is there a way to just have unwatched videos appear on the home screen as thumbnails or having the Videos option take me straight to the folder? I've tried Googling around but couldn't find anything
I really have no idea what I am talking about. Proceed with caution. I confuse easily. And drink. A lot.
Also see anime (wiki).
Thanks, that anime page helped get a full series I had downloaded recognised with the advancedsettings.xml but the single episodes I have downloaded still aren't getting recognised. Is there really no easy way to just set a folder as my default videos folder that's accessible from a single click preferably with the videos appearing on the home screen? I dont need artwork or episode descriptions, I just download a bunch of new episodes every week and then delete stuff as I watch it because I'm using a tablet without much space. I feel like I'm missing something painfully obvious
I'm guessing you're using confluence?
If you switch to a skin that lets you edit the home screen you could put a link to your folder there.
I use CCM (in the confluence section), it's straightforward to do in that - either using favourites or via video nodes. There are plenty of alternatives, just have a browse through the skin section.
You could do the same in confluence but it would mean editing xml files.
Thanks that works pretty much perfectly although it seems a little slow and clunky, I'm guessing because I'm using a windows tablet, I'll have a look round for a skin that that's less resource heavy now I know what to look for.
CCM is actually pretty light on resources if you turn features off. That's one reason I started using it, because it ran well on a pi.
I turn virtually everything off and it seems fairly speedy, even on the pi, and it's fine on my linx (windows tab).
There might be something even lighter though.

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