Help, Movie Sets Have No Description
Hi everyone,

I have searched all over and have come up with no solutions. I am fairly new to Kodi and cannot for the life of me find a solution to having a description/info/synopsis or what have you for movie sets.

I cannot find an add-on. I am on Isengard Kodi any other info needed please let me know I really want to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance! Big Grin
You mean a plot for movie sets?
(2015-09-04, 01:49)David1977 Wrote: You mean a plot for movie sets?

Yes, right now it just looks bad without it. I wouldn't even mind if I was able to just type something up for the header and plot

any suggestions?
I don´t think is possible.

If you look how movie sets are created...well we have to begin at another point....

Scrape your movies and export them to sperate NFO files....then let us look at those files. Let´s say, we have a set called "Die Hard Collection". This set contains 3 movies (for example). At first point, there is no individual NFO file for this set! Only for the movies. The NFO files for the movie may look like:

<title>Die Hard</title> are some more tags which do different things
<set>Die Hard Collection</set>

The NFO files look all the same, except for the "title"-tag which differs from "Die Hard" to "Die Hard 2" to "Die Hard 3". But all those movies have the same "set"-tag: <set>Die Hard Collection</set>

So this is the only info Kodi gets to create a movie set. It compares the charakters in this tag, looks if there is another movie with exactly the same pattern (incl capitals) and if there is one, add this to the set. There is no "plot_for_set"-tag or anything and the skin has no option for that.

So unfortunately...not possible.

It would be nice if the scraper could retrieve all movieset artwork and description from themoviedb. The artwork can be retrieved with addons but it would be nice if the whole shebang would be incorporated in the scrapers.
Artwork would be not too difficult since that's already supported in Kodi. A movie set description would require a database change and perhaps some core changes in Kodi.

It doesn't seem impossible but I have no idea how difficult it is to code something like this for Kodi. You could file a feature request for this.
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