Subtitles default settings don't stick
I don't know if this is a bug or I'm misusing Kodi, but here's my problem:

I have a library of videos with softsubs embedded, some vobsub some PGS. My dad is hard of hearing and needs subtitles on by default.

Now, I can turn subtitles on while starting each video, but it's a pain.

However, if I click the speaker icon, the audio/subtitle screen comes up. If I select "Enable Subtitles" and then select "Makes this default for all videos" at the bottom of that window, I would assume this sets subtitles to be on by default with all videos.

Except it doesn't work. The next video we play, they're off again. I would assume that "set as default for all videos" means just that. I don't need to download subtitles, they're already there. I just can't seem to make them come on be default.

This happens on both the Windows and the Android versions.

So, is this a bug or am I just doing it wrong? Thank you for any help you folks can provide.
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Subtitles default settings don't stick00
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