Linux RE: HOW-TO: Install Kodi 17.x (Krypton) on Fedora 26 Using RPMFusion Packages
Just checking if there's something happening with newer versions? Fedora 26 will be EOL in a month I guess.
This is what I did to build for Fedora 28


sudo dnf install rpm-build -y

rpm -i  kodi-17.6-9.fc28.src.rpm

cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS

sudo dnf builddep kodi.spec -y

cd ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES

wget -O kodi-libdvdnav-master.tar.gz
wget -O kodi-libdvdread-master.tar.gz
wget -O kodi-libdvdcss-master.tar.gz

cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS

rpmbuild -bb kodi.spec --with dvd

your rpms will spit out in the ~/rpmbuild/RPMS folder
Thanks grim85.

I've now got kodi 17.6 running on Fedora 28 according to your instructions.

But there's a problem, DVD playback doesn't work. Bluray playback works fine though.

When I try to start the playback of a DVD film I get following in the logs
For anyone else that is using Fedora 28 and the rpmfusion Kodi packages (17.6.9 at time of writing)    If you use the default Wayland compositor for your display then you may see some issues with Kodi.   The menu's and OSD were 'jittery' and it appeared that my remote (mce_usb) wasn't quite working correctly.  The video playback seemed fine but if you had subtitles then they would suffer the same issue as the OSD.   The remote seemed to be slow to respond and sometimes in menus it would jump around as if the keys had been pressed multiple times.       I switched to instead and all the issues disappeared.     

For reference I am using an AMD RadeOn HD6450 for graphics.   

If you follow the guide then you should be fine as it doesn't recommend using the default Wayland...
(2017-01-10, 19:53)wirerydr Wrote: The Kodi installation RPMs as built by RPMFusion do not, for various reasons, include DVD playback capability (including TS_VIDEO folders).

For those desiring DVD playback capability, the HOW-TO:Install Kodi on Fedora 25 using RPMFusion packages wiki has been updated to include a new section showing how to rebuild Kodi from the RPMFusion Source RPM with DVD Playback capability enabled. It is a little more involved, but still relatively straightforward.

Feedback is appreciated.

Cheers - WireRydr
Is there an updated page with the instructions, by any chance?  The above link brings up a page that says it contains no text.
(2020-09-17, 06:25)SilkBC Wrote: The above link brings up a page that says it contains no text.
All redirects (which is what that link was) were deleted. The actual page has been archived but can be found here...
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RE: HOW-TO: Install Kodi 17.x (Krypton) on Fedora 26 Using RPMFusion Packages1
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