Win Get your Ps3 / Ps4 controller working
One of the best moves I made with my Kodi setup is hooking up my PS3 controller.

Maybe you would want to do the same if for some reason or another you can not get CEC working properly or simply just enjoy using the controller instead of the Kore app.

There are a ton of guides out there (youtube, steam forums) on getting your ps3 or ps4 controller setup with windows but these always provide you a zip file from a file sharing site and is never the most recent version of the proper software.

This is the real, straight up, no BS, no malware, no hassle way of doing this as I am providing the developers official builds and the link I provide will always give you the latest build until github closes or time stops.

What you ALWAYS want to avoid is a piece of sh... software called "motioninjoy" or tools that use motioninjoy drivers like BetterDS3. A quick search on "motioninjoy bad" will lead you to articles claiming malware, server callbacks, reboot looping windows with blue screens, permanently ruining usb inputs etc. The sad thing is the creator of the right software you need (Scarlet Crush Productions) is some person with only 2 threads on a random forum and the forker who continues the project today has no website dedicated to it so googling around leads you almost nowhere if you want the official builds from the official people. (Like downloading Kodi from Kodi instead of from a youtube video link).

Located at the link below you will find the official real builds for ScpServer. Keep in mind that this will dedicate your bluetooth device to the controllers, but simply uninstalling and rebooting regains your bluetooth (I have done so many many times). For me I only use my bluetooth for this as the speeds of bluetooth generally do not merit the actual file transfers over convenience.

Official ScpServer ->
Latest Release ->

The installation instructions are found right there on the github page.

On Kodi
Open up Kodi. Go to System -> Settings -> System -> Input devices
Ensure the section mentioning Joystick / Gamepad or Controller support is enabled (For the sake of keeping relevancy to an option that may change in the future. The actual line as of build 15.1 is labeled "enable joystick and gamepad support").

I am not a good source for reporting issues on this since it is not my software (Scp or Kodi) but I will do my best and I will mention some issues I experienced along the way.

Possible Issues ::
When I put my computer to "Sleep" or "Hibernate" bluetooth does not work for the controller anymore.
This used to be a problem for me due to using one of those YouTube builds until I scoured google for a later version number before finding the github. In this scenario I would simply open of the installation / uninstallation program ScpService and force install, uninstall and force install. With the latest builds I never see this anymore. I also at points would pop into Device Manager and uninstall the controller my Windows affectionately labels my Ps3 controller as an Xbox 360 controller, as well as uninstalling the DS# device in the bluetooth peripherals sections (if you are not even sure where or what device manager is, than do not do what I did).

When my controller loses power and I turn it back on, a bluetooth connection is no longer made.
This also used to be a problem for me when using the earlier builds which forced me to take the steps in the above issue. This does not appear an issue for me any longer on the latest builds. My all white Ps3 controller sits nicely on my coffee table waiting for me to tab the PS button and connect within 1 or 2 seconds and allows me to maneuver around Kodi.

Those are the only issues I ran into, and getting the newest builds make them non existent now. These 2 issues FAR outweighed the issues with motioninjoy, which is a Windows software that actually is riddled with ads like a bad webpage (search google images for motioninjoy). Yes that is correct, a Windows program with ads ...

If you have any questions or notice something I missed please let me know. I hope this helps. Mods, if you see fit, this could be in the How To forum section? Wink

Note: I will be archiving builds of this software (ScpServer), and have subscribed to the developers github so if for some reason the project disappears one day, I will throw it up on GIT myself and update this post with the last build I was able to obtain.
Windows 10 - Kodi 15.1 - App TV 1.2.0
Raspberry pi 1-b OpenElec - Confluence

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