v15 - Cirrus Extended on Amazon Fire Stick
Hello together,

i am using Kodi 15.2 on the fire stick with the skin Cirrus Extended.

When i am hear music i add different songs to to actual playlist. But i cannot see these actual playlist like in other skins like confluence

How to see the actual music playlist in Cirrus Extended on the screen in list form?
Hmm...that's a good question Big Grin I'll look into it and give you some feedback.
Well there is one option available in the MusicOSD but I must admit it does't work :/


I'm fixing it right now, and will include it in the next update.
A new version of the skin has been submitted to the repo. It will have a fixed version of the MusicOSD and a additional button in the player controls, which will bring you to the currently playing playlist.

You will have than two options:


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