Broken XBMCMail (E-mail Script for XBMC)
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# #
# XBMCMail (SSS V.0.91) #
# By Stanley87 #
# #
# sample script from: #
# xbmcmail v0.3.1 - By burriko #
# #
# A pop3 email client for xbmc #
# #

New Features:

**Fully customisable settings via GUI
**Master Password on start-up option
**Email notification sounds
**Better parsing of HTML emails - more updates to come
**Fully updated VISUAL FX's! - more updates to come

Features to come:
**Delete emails option
**Better attachments handling
**More VISUAL FX's (icons, backgrounds)
**support for showing current playing media, album art etc.
**support for mp3 email notification sounds
**Much better support for other skins and resolutions (720p & 1080i etc)

Hi all,
This is my 2nd update for this scritp but calling it the first proper version of (SSS Mod) and starting with version "V0.91"
From now on burriko's "version" of his original XBMCMail script will be excluded from the script name as so much has changed I am moving away from it.

I think is having some uploading issues as I can not update yet, but keep checking back and hope it is up in the next few days.

Please let me know what you all think of the scipt.


You want temporary hosting? Nothing special but I can put it on my webserver until you manage to get it properly hosted..
I cant wait, but i have to Smile
good that someone picked this up.. was thinking about it myself, but have my hands full with emuLauncher and installer..

Some feedback and thoughts.

1st: in the readme.txt change -> (no S on the end..)

2nd: skip the just using 2 mail accounts, make it a for account in accounts do: thingie..

3rd: you might want to look into using my xbmcClass for translations. uses xml parser for the languages, falls back to english if no other language is there or is incompletely translated.

sidenote: got your mail about the uploadproblem, hope you got it solved.
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1) I will do straight away

2) Didn’t really understand this? Your meaning to rename the Email buttons? I could have it so instead of Email 1 and Email 2 it grabs the username of the account it checks?? Or make this an option.??

3) I will try to implement this, I used Emulauncher script as a guide to the Settings menu and see that there is multi-language support and skin support in it also, so will get on to this.

Thanks for feedback.

MERRY XMAS!! (I'm in NZ so it's 8am XMAS morning and quickly posting before heading off to xmas functions.)

Also, if there are children downloading this, the default email notification sound it comes with is the "Mail Mother Fu**ker" (Euro Trip) so turn down the sound when mummy is in the room (or included in the readme is how to change the sound (very easy to do)):-D
Let me explain number two Tongue

Do somekind of loop, to allow multiple accounts (more than two)

suggested settings.xml
    <server id="1">
        <name>Name for server ONE</name>
    <server id="2">
        <name>Name for server TWO</name>
    <server id="3">
        <name>Name for server THREE</name>

Then in the script call this and read out every single server.

After that do a loop that checks every server instead of as now having first a check ISP1 then a check ISP2..

This will not only compress code, but also be more flexible as it allows to control 3, 4 or more accounts Big Grin

This is just a basic quick draft when looking at your code of checking emails. Would sure need some more structure/thinking of layouts etc..

But this should get you started in that direction Nod

If anything is unclear, please ask and I'll try and collaborate my ideas..


Also another suggestion is to use password inputs that masks the password as typed and also use some sort of encryption for the stored passwords (just to make it a little harder to get them) I mean, since the .py is not protected it wont be 100% secure, but those wannabe hackers might get confused Wink
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Ok got ya, Yeh, so far I have just got the script "on paper" as such. It’s very messy and there is allot of cleaning up to do. I just wanted to get a first proper release out there to get a "BUZZ" going.


Encryption - very good idea, At the moment the password is not stored any where in the .py file. It’s purely in the XML settings file. But I could have it encrypt it when writing to the XML. But there is still always the ability to be able to open the .py and see the encryption method. But still - this would make it quite abit harder to "hack".

Also, maybe you can help with this, I want to be able to write into the script the ability to send SSL to pop email accounts as (GMAIL and some others require this) The SSL required for Gmail is 995. (In outlook express etc this can be enabled) I hope i can find a way to do this in this script to allow GMAIL users the pleasure of using this script.

Also, I had an idea that i will also introduce in the future. PRESET MAJOR Email providers "settings" EG: You go into settings and select "GMAIL ACCOUNT" and then it proceeds to ask for your Gmail username etc and automatically enables the SSL (995) that is required. Also with GMail, the username has to be entered not only as eg. Monkeyman2000 but must also contain "@" and the preset "template" will do this for you or something like that.

Watch this space.

you might want to check that out for SSL ..

might be something for other webbased mails
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SSL is now all go and my "Gmail TEST" account is working all ok :-D. So, in the future release, SSL ENABLE will be an option in the settings as well as the desired SSL port (default = 995 (Gmail etc uses this)

Due to python, which is incorporated in XBMC, is an older version than the latest, a command line has been added to poplib module, which allows SSL with pop commands. So my script now contains a new folder "lib" which contains the latest poplib module which is now loaded via rather than the old poplib contained in xbmc.

Can you see any problems with this method??

It works find at present.
Suggestion: make ssl port a per account setting eg: have it saved with every account you add..

I cant see any reason its not going to work, maybe can occur a conflict, but not sure since I am not that experienced in python programming.
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blittan Wrote:Suggestion: make ssl port a per account setting eg: have it saved with every account you add..

I cant see any reason its not going to work, maybe can occur a conflict, but not sure since I am not that experienced in python programming.


This has to be the case as if SSL is enabled on a pop account that does not use it, it will not work.

At present, i am working on the delete email function and have it 90% working, when an email has been selected and "X" is pressed, you are given a yes/no dialog to delete the email.
This is cool,

Ps: what about running in background with popup possibility Rofl
Learn from msnx (popup and background modus).

Didnt know this was possible. I will get that script right away and get on to it!!

Cheers for the info

Cant find MSNX anywhere?

Where can i find this script?

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