Archinux + Xfce4 + Kodi + Netflix + Servers
I used to run Kodi on a BoxeeBox, getting content from a Banana Pi file server but the interface was sluggish and I wanted more from my htpc. So, I set this up and now it runs very smoothly...

Athlon Kabini 5350 processor
Asus Am1a motherboard
WD 4TB 3.5" sata 3 hdd
120GB 2.5" sata hdd (for OS, taken from an old notebook)
Rii mini l25 remote control
Generic case and psu (to be replaced)

OS: Arch Linux with XFCE4 desktop (with auto login)

Media players:
Kodi 1.5 Isengard (with Pseudotv Live)
Netflix (chromium kiosk mode launcher)
Popcorn time

App shortcuts:
Sound mixer
Chromium browser
Command line terminal

Services and Servers:
No-ip client
OpenVpn (for safe Internet and access to my files from anywhere)
Samba shares
NFS shares

The wallpaper rotates every 30 minutes between all the fanart collected by Kodi scrapers (the files are symbolic links to the actual images, placed in the "backgrounds" directory by a script run at system startup).

To do:
Fix vertical syncing problem (at OS level config, Radeon 8400 with open source drivers - any help on this is appreciated)
Connect spdif optical audio panel
Install plymouth to show splash screen over boot messages
Finish configuring pseudotv channels
Add capture card for live tv
Add second network card and setup iptables as firewall (extra protection to personal files)

Tried to keep track of installation process as a tutorial but I 've missed lots of steps and failed...

Here is a screenshot of the desktop, with a simple launcher bar:


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Archinux + Xfce4 + Kodi + Netflix + Servers0
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